A Mindful Guide To Coping With Lockdown - Part 1
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A Mindful Guide To Coping With Lockdown - Part 1

Crazy times at full speed! We know, this is all quite unreal. We feel the effects and we certainly feel the panic and anxiety. But there’s a difference between feeling it from others and allowing ourselves to let it overtake us. Most of us regardless of age, race, geographic location or profession are in self quarantine. The exception are the front-liners, emergency relief providers and those helping with basic supplies. And those are our true heroes. But for the rest of you who are working from home, we have a guide for you.

Social distancing and self-quarantine is at the tips of everyone’s tongue but how do we make sure we’re doing it properly - safely, mindfully and healthily? So even though you’re home in your own fort, here are some key rules and guidelines to put into place for yourself and your family. 

  1. Establish a routine - the last thing you want to do is act like everyday is a Sunday. Don’t lay in your sweatpants on the couch, binge on junk food and have Netflix marathons. This tricks your mind into hyper-relaxation which is great for a Sunday, but not for every single day. You’ll want a dedicated timetable that allows you to get your tasks done and on time.

  2. Self monitor & preventative mindset - you can start by washing hands properly (20 seconds at least), not touching your face, taking your temperature daily in the mornings and disinfecting surfaces that are high-touch. if you don’t feel 100%, please start by staying away from family members/those in your home. This means avoid common items (utensils, knobs, handles, cupboards) which are shared by others. If you sneeze or cough, use a tissue to cover your mouth and throw that tissue away immediately. Make sure you wash your hands after every sneeze too. It’s important to make sure surfaces in your space are clean from blood, bodily fluids and that these spaces are well ventilated with natural air or air conditioners. Continue to monitor your symptoms closely, and if you don’t see visible improvement, contact your health care provider immediately. 

  3. Basic hygiene - even though you may not be exposing yourself to the outside world and may already be washing your hands often there are other equally important parts to hygiene. These include flossing, brushing your teeth, showering at least once a day, doing the dishes after each meal (you’re home after all) and cleaning your space in the mornings. Showering in the morning also wakes you up and refreshes your mind, energising you for a more productive day!

  4. Cook real meals - yup, it’s so tempting to open that tin of tuna and boil up some instant noodles but now more than ever, we need something that feels nourishing and grounding and cooking can do just that. There’s also the nutritional element of what you’re providing to your body. This is especially not a time to slack on nutrition in the name of convenience as our bodies need to be stronger to fight diseases and viruses out there. Also, don’t forget to include herbs that help with immunity - such as tumeric & turmeric leaf, pegaga & elderberry. If you’re looking to test the waters with a simple healthy recipe that does wonders for immunity, start here.

  5. Exercise - gyms and yoga studios around your city have closed but there are plenty of other ways to access those happiness-spiking endorphins. Firstly, put on a great playlist. Then get yourself moving - freestyle, dance and yoga - whatever takes your fancy. If you prefer someone guiding you through the process, there are a ton of free classes that are being held free on Instagram Live or IGTV during COVID-19. You can also choose from these at-home workout classes we love. 

  6. Dedicate a work space - if you’re working from your bed and the couch and on the floor, chances are you’re going to feel pretty lethargic soon, or might even feel like your back and legs don’t quite like this set up. If possible, set a designated space in your home - perhaps an uncluttered corner where you can set up a standing or sitting desk and a back supporting chair. Ideally this space will receive natural sunlight (or be bright enough to work in) and give you the quiet you need to concentrate. If you can have some background music playing and also get a candle burning, there’s nothing like it!

  7. Get some face time - self-isolation does not mean isolating from the world. Pick up that phone and call friends and family you haven't spoken to in awhile. If you can video chat with them, even better. We still need to emotionally connect during self-isolation and we still certainly need human interaction too, even if it may be via screens. Some great video tools out there include Zoom, Google Hangouts, & Skype  and we love House Party for social calls! 

  8. Stay calm - granted probably easier said than done, but this is paramount. We’ve said it before - panic weakens the immune system so please be careful. We know you’re bombarded with perhaps children at home and new responsibilities with this schedule and set up, but as much as possible, limit your exposure to the news and stay calm - your immune system will thank you for it. Some ways to help with this period are these mindful tools like EFT, Ho’oponopono and guided meditation videos like this. There are also great apps that help you cultivate a meditation practice such as Headspace, Calm & Insight Timer

  9. Learn something new - take this opportunity, a time that’s free from commute and outside runs to learn something new from the comforts of your home. Whether it’s a skill like photography, how to make a new dish, or take the chance to educate yourself on the power of herbs, there are tons of opportunities available. Check out our very own Natural Home Pharmacy - an easy to follow video program created by Naturopath Amanda Teh on how you can heal your body from common illnesses with delicious natural remedies you can make with ingredients in your very own kitchen! It’s all online & will completely transform your life!

These are just a few basic guidelines to ease you and your indoor schedule. Stay tuned for our next article A Mindful Guide To Coping With Lockdown - Part 2, where we’ll be talking about how to maximize your work from home set up, the importance of human connection and a few other important things during this  COVID-19 time. 

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