6 Ways to Experience a Rewarding Travel
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6 Ways to Experience a Rewarding Travel


10 June 2022


Borders are open, lockdown is lifted and we are excited to travel! Whether to see family, friends, go on your honeymoon or just take a relaxing break, the two important things that come to our mind when travelling are sleep and food.

One of the most important parts we should still keep in mind is to avoid getting sick during a vacation. Nobody wants to fall sick while they’ve travelled all the way to enjoy the beach or go trekking or just relax in the hotel. 

We’ve gathered a few tips for you on how to stay healthy while enjoying your vacation.


Wash your Hands Often

This is nothing new for all of us. But since we’re in the whole vacation mood or spirit we may tend to forget or take it for granted that Covid-19 has reduced. Carrying a sanitizer is also crucial and be careful what you touch around you. Also, avoid touching your face even if you have sanitised just to be safe that there is no germ transmission.


Get your Beauty Sleep

beauty sleep

Jetlag, as we like to call it, is common when we travel distances. On the whole, you will want to avoid it by gradually adjusting your sleep pattern before you leave. Jet lag symptoms include fatigue, irritability, nausea, trouble concentrating, headache, and upset stomach. According to Harvard Health, gradually moving your mealtimes and bedtime closer to the schedule of your destination helps prevent jet lag  . Also, staying hydrated is important as it reduces physical symptoms of jetlag. Although you may think coffee will do the trick, both coffee and alcohol can disturb your sleep patterns. 

Drinking chamomile tea has proven to help with sleep and also to treat insomnia. It's recommended that you drink your chamomile tea for about 45 minutes before going to bed. This allows your body plenty of time to metabolise the chemical compounds that make chamomile an effective sleep aid.


Walk, Run, Lift but stay Active!

My personal routine is to still stay fit during a vacation. Yes, you can slack off for a day or maybe two as you don’t want to be too strict, otherwise what's the point of a vacation? Whether it’s using the hotel gym or just going for a jog on the beach, getting in cardio by exploring local sites and taking a bike instead of a cab bolsters the immune system and releases feel good endorphins.


Protect your skin

protect your skin

You don’t want a painful sunburn putting a damper on your trip. Pack a hat and an umbrella and use sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ to protect your skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. While the sunburn will go away, the increased risk of skin cancer remains, so take this protection seriously.


Watch what you eat and drink

If you’re travelling to a less-developed country, be sure to consume foods that are prepared properly. For example: Only eat meat that is thoroughly cooked and served steaming hot, and steer clear of raw vegetables, dairy products sold by small independent vendors, and any dairy products that may have been left out in the sun. Also be aware that in some countries, tap water may not be safe to drink, so bottled water is a safer bet. Ice cubes are often a hidden culprit, so avoid those too.


Breathe the ocean, breathe out the waves!

meditation on vacation

Lastly, keep aside time for “mindfulness”. Vacation can be a great time to start a meditation habit — even if that means quieting your mind for just five minutes a day. Try starting with small phone-free windows. Leave the tech behind when you go out to dinner. Spend a phone-free hour on the beach with your kids. Take a distraction-free walk.



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