6 Reasons to Stay Healthy
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6 Reasons to Stay Healthy


19 January 2016


Why am I giving you reasons to stay healthy? Isn’t it a given that everyone wants to be healthy? Well, yes. This is true. I assume somewhere in the back of every person’s mind is a wish to be and stay healthy. But the reality is that many of us (myself included) aren’t always healthy.

If being healthy is a sliding scale, then we would be moving between ‘very unhealthy’ to ‘very healthy’ - hopefully we all lean towards the ‘very healthy’ end of the scale. For many, being healthy is a wish for the future. Someday they will get around to it. However, this way of thinking might just be too late for some. Having just recently recovered from a long bout of a recurring flu virus, I can tell you that being healthy is something you will miss when you’re not at 100%. You want to be able to thrive, not just survive. I encourage you to start your health journey now, and hopefully these six reasons will prompt you to do so:

More energy

Often times, we take our energy levels for granted - that is until we lose it. Then suddenly doing simple tasks like getting out of bed is an achievement in itself. Having a good energy level makes all the difference not just in the ability to get things done, but also to your mood. A quick stroll around the block, a yoga class, a run, any movement really stimulates the release of endorphins that will make you feel better and raise your energy levels. When you’re swamped with work and family, having high energy is what will get you through the day without having to resort to copious cups of coffee pick-me-ups.

Avoid diseases / illnesses & boost immunity

This is a great reason to want to stay healthy! Staying healthy by eating well and working out helps promote healthy cholesterol levels, reduces the risks of diabetes, keeps your heart in shape, staves off hypertension and also helps you avoid nasty colds and flus that often plague the less healthy during flu season. Staying healthy not only keeps illnesses & doctors at bay, but it also helps boost immunity naturally. This isn’t only great because you hardly get sick, but there’s also the ability to enjoy life a little more. Feeling stronger is invaluable because it allows you to navigate through life with that much more ease. Pegaga by PurelyB is a safe & natural way to boost immunity - it’s been used through the ages by Asian communities & also backed by science for its effectiveness.




Lower medical costs

We’re lucky that in Malaysia we have government subsidised medical costs - but even then, with the more serious ailments, we still have to fork out quite a bit of money to cover the cost of treatment. While in the long run, it would seem that healthy people costs more to treat on account of living longer, wouldn’t you rather live longer and sporadically go to the doctor? Yes, you would!

Better mental health

In a study by Duke University, researchers found that 30 minutes of exercise, three times a week worked just as well as drug therapy in relieving symptoms of depression and greatly reduces the risks of the depression returning. Being healthy gives you the space to better handle your problems.

Live longer

If none of the above sound good to you, then how about the ability to live longer? And I’m talking about living longer and thriving, not just surviving. Which means being able to be a part of your children’s and grandchildren’s lives for much longer and actively participating in it. And if you don’t have any children or grandchildren, then the ability to do whatever you want - travel, dance, be a part of the world. Not a bad deal, eh?

Look better, stay empowered and confident

Being fit and healthy gives you a big confidence boost not just to your mood (clearer mind, more energy, better feeling all around) but also to how you look! Imagine fitting into your clothes just right because you worked at it? Doesn’t that feel great? You are empowered because you know that you’re in control of how you look and feel. It’s an all around amazing feeling that comes with staying healthy.

I hope that these reasons will inspire you to stay healthy and fit - in mind, body and spirit! Live long and prosper, everyone!