6 Easy to Follow Tools to Improve your Well-Being
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6 Easy to Follow Tools to Improve your Well-Being


28 June 2022


In line with the World Well-Being week, celebrated from 21st June to 29th June, this week provides the opportunity for us to celebrate the many aspects of wellbeing, from meaningful, purposeful work to financial security, physical, mental and emotional health, social resilience, community relations and care for the environment. 

Wellbeing has never been so important to our lives and livelihoods. During the pandemic, we’ve all been through emotional turmoil more than physical. Some felt isolated and lonely while some were not able to travel to meet loved ones. Although there are a few of us who were comfortable and able to adjust with the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, there were still things like travelling that we were not able to do. 

2022 is a time to rejoice. A time to travel once again, to reconnect with friends and family, and most importantly time for your healing and well-being. So we’ve gathered a few tools to help you manage your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being not just for this celebrated week, but you can practice them throughout!


1. Connect with Nature
connecting with nature

The use of technology has increased tremendously especially since Covid-19. Most of us have forgotten to build a connection with nature and how it produces many benefits to our well-being. Spending time in nature is linked to both cognitive benefits and improvements in mood, mental health and emotional well-being. Research says that spending at least five hours in nature a month helps with your health and wellbeing. In addition, scientists found associations between recreational nature and self-reported health. Nature helps us heal mentally, physically and spiritually.


2. Help Yourself by Helping Others

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“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” (AESOP). Heard of this quote? Some of us are stuck in trying to find out the answer to “how can I help myself?” It’s simple. By helping others, it gives you a purpose and a sense of belonging and this feeling boosts your self-esteem. Regular volunteering can improve your ability to manage stress and stave off disease as well as increasing your sense of life satisfaction.


3. Movements Matter

Movements matter

When we talk about “movement” here, it’s not just going to the gym and lifting, walking or running. A simple thing like mopping, sweeping or even cooking can help you de-stress. Personally, when I feel low, I love to do house chores because it takes my mind off unwanted or negative thoughts. When you move your body, you release a chemical called endorphins which is the “feel-good” chemical that relieves stress. Your emotions move through your body and that is why for some people even small chores improve their well-being. If you are not a gym type of person - do read our article on “natural movement”.


4. Fitness keeps you “fit”

fitness is for f

The word “fit” here implies both physically and mentally fit. When we talk about fitness we talk about everything that comes under the fitness umbrella. Yoga, dance, kick-boxing, weight-lifting and even tai chi, have been proven to help with both psychological and neurological illnesses. Keep yourself fit by at least walking 30mins in a day to start, even if you have a busy day. If you are currently into fitness and are going to the gym, consider going outdoors to exercise. It’s good to have change now and then because like they say “change is the only constant”.


5. Enjoy your Food

food with family

Yes, you must have heard this ample of times “focus on your food, not your phone”. It is true! Being mindful of what you eat promotes better digestion and keeps you full so you do not overeat. A healthy diet can support longevity, normal development, and graceful ageing. Paying attention to what we eat is a gateway to a greater understanding of why we choose to eat that way and how it makes us feel. 

Read our article on “50 shades of eating clean” by our health and wellness expert.


6. Breathe!

breath to relax
This is my personal favourite. Learn to practice conscious breathing. Be aware of your breath because it helps open our respiratory system. No matter your gender, age, fitness goals, or routine, daily conscious breathing is essential for each and every person. “Guided” meditation is the best way to start practising conscious breathing. Why I say guided, is because if you meditate without knowing “how” it can lead to migraines or even increase depression and anxiety.

Don’t forget that “YOU” come first and only if you learn to Love Yourself you can love others.

Happy World Well-Being Week from us to you!