5 Plants That Will Improve Air Quality In Your House, Even As You Sleep
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5 Plants That Will Improve Air Quality In Your House, Even As You Sleep


6 April 2018


It is a known fact that plants are good for us as they produce oxygen and cleanse the air, but did you know having plants indoors was also one of the biggest interior design trends of 2017? 

Not only do they look good but they can also be beneficial to our health. Here are some plants that will improve air quality, all while add a bit of greenery to your space!


1. Snake Plant

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The Snake Plant a highly sought after plant to help refine and cleanse the air quality around us. Since this plant is a natural air purifier it helps eradicate any harmful chemicals such as xylene, trichloroethylene, toluene, benzene and formaldehyde which are most commonly found in hair sprays and other skin/hair products.

The best thing about having the snake plant in your house is that it is inexpensive and very low maintenance. It is quick at converting carbon dioxide into oxygen during the course of the night making it one of the best plants for the bedroom to cleanse air, even while you sleep.


2. Aloe Vera

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Soothing by nature, Aloe Vera is a reputable plant for medicinal purposes and contains at least 18 amino acids that are very compatible to many compounds in the human body.

This plant is also known as a ‘succulent’ and produces oxygen all through the night, hence constantly improving the quality of your bedroom air as you sleep. If that's not enough, the gel from these leaves also help soothe cuts, dry skin and inflammation making it a handy addition to any household!


3. Areca Palm Tree

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The Areca Palm tree is known to be one of the best and the most efficient air purifying plants to exist. It can easily transpire 1 litre of water during the whole day! Being highly adaptable to grow under the highly dense canopies of tropical regions, this tree can survive in areas with lower levels of light. They release moisture into the air and surrounding atmosphere, assisting in eradicating dry air. 


4. Peace Lily

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As studied by NASA, the Peace Lily is known as a ‘superstar plant’ and is an amazing air cleaner. Increased humidity is beneficial for breathing as we sleep, and this plant can increase the level of moisture in the air by up to 5%. Perfect for decoration too — bring some tranquility into your space with its beautiful white petals!


5. Lavender 

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Who doesn’t love the smell of lavender? Lavender has a very calming effect on the body and mind by reducing anxiety levels and helping promote total body relaxation by lowering blood pressure and heart rate. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the scent of lavender encourages light sleep and helps lower REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

While it may be difficult to have a whole bush in your bedroom, you can incorporate it into your life through teas and essential oils to help soothe any anxious, negative thoughts and emotions.