4 Must-Watch Great Health Documentaries
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4 Must-Watch Great Health Documentaries


10 March 2016


Perhaps documentaries are not your cuppa tea, but hear me out. There are some really awesome documentaries out in the market about health and wellness these days. And it is always a good idea to educate ourselves on what’s happening in the world regarding our food, our health and our environment.


Far too often the real truth is masked by corporations or industries that want to keep us in the dark in order to profit from our ignorance. Well I’ve compiled four great health documentaries you should definitely watch to educate yourself and make informed decisions! Enjoy!

Hungry for a Change (2012)

I watched this when it first came out back in 2012 and it was a real eye opener when it came to the lies the food companies are feeding us. Despite being mainly focused in the United States (as are most of the documentaries in this list), it still applies to us in Malaysia and the rest of Asia. ‘Hungry for a Change’ really makes a case for shifting towards a cleaner, more sustainable diet, while debunking myths about diet and weight loss.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2011)

This is the inspiring story of Joe Cross and his mission to regain his health. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that left him pumped full of steroids and medication, he vowed to eat only fruit and vegetable juices for 30 days. Along the way he meets a 195 kg truck driver with the same disease and the two connect - thus began his journey to better health that will inspire you to change your life too.

Fed Up (2014)

If you’re unconvinced just how much sugar sneaks into our diets on a daily basis, then you definitely have to watch ‘Fed Up’. Narrated by Katie Couric, this documentary really digs into just how much sugar plays a role in the obesity crisis happening around the world. You’ll be surprised at just how much big businesses are willing to forgo health in order to hit their bottom lines. Definitely something to have on your to-watch list!

Simply Raw (2009)

Diabetes getting you down? Well, check out this amazing documentary on going raw for 30 days and how it helped six people cure their diabetes naturally. Six diabetic Americans were asked to give up meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol and other junk food and adopt an organic, raw food, vegan diet instead. The whole point of the documentary is not only to cure these six of their diabetes naturally through a raw food diet, but also to drive home the adage, “You are what you eat.” Food matters. What you put inside you matters.

Any other health documentaries I missed? Share them in the comment section!