4 Clutter-Prone Areas of Your Home That May Prevent Weight Loss
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4 Clutter-Prone Areas of Your Home That May Prevent Weight Loss


15 September 2019


Trying to lose some weight but not making much progress? The answer might be to cut the clutter from your life and get organised!

Yes, really! Let me show you why by zooming onto four common areas of clutter and the impact they can have on your weight. 

The 4 Areas of Your Home You Should Organise  


Your kitchen 

Putting a meal on the table at a given time every night can be a challenge, whether you’re a working or stay-at-home mum. Even more so if you have limited space on your countertops to prep your food, or if you struggle to find the utensils you need in your cabinets.

Cutting the kitchen clutter will make cooking at home easier, reducing the temptation to eat out or bring home takeaway food, which comes in big portions and is typically loaded with higher fat and sugar than what we usually cook at home. 

Your dining table

If your dining table is covered with mail, newspapers, kids’ homework, craft projects and the like, you probably end up eating on the couch—very likely in front of the TV—instead of sitting down and having your meals at the table.

It then becomes difficult to convince yourself to spend time cooking nutritious food when nobody really pays attention to what they eat, doesn’t it? Very quickly, you don’t see the point of eating at regular hours or with the rest of the family and rush through your food without paying attention to how much you eat. 

Your closet

A wardrobe overstuffed with clothes makes it difficult to find what you need when you need it. If you waste time looking for your fitness gear when you’re due for a class, or can’t find your running shoes, you’ll quickly abandon the idea and lay on your couch instead of going out and burning some calories. 

Also, a wardrobe made of clothes that no longer fit you is a nagging reminder of the weight that you can’t seem to lose and can prevent you from moving forward in your weight loss journey. I have no scientific evidence on the correlation between wardrobe clutter and weight loss, but I’ve witnessed some weight loss in two of my clients once we decluttered their wardrobe and built a wardrobe with clothes that fit them properly and made them feel good about themselves. 

Your mind

Cluttered homes often go hand-in-hand with cluttered minds.  When you’re surrounded by clutter, it makes it hard to stop thinking about it and not feeling guilty about what you should be doing about it. It reaches a point when you don’t own your stuff, your stuff owns you.

The time you spend looking after too many possessions and/or the mental energy you put into thinking about them deprives you of time and energy that could be used for something that would be more beneficial to you—exercising, planning healthy meals, or just spending time with your loved ones.

Now that you look at your clutter in a new way, don’t you think it might be worth starting the process of getting rid of it? And if you can’t lose the weight, I can guarantee you there will be plenty of other benefits for you so you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your time. I hope you’ll be able to report good news in the comments section below!

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