4 Big Ways Changing Your Eating Habits Will Transform Your Mind
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4 Big Ways Changing Your Eating Habits Will Transform Your Mind


30 April 2016


There was a time when I was in a serious work crunch and I wanted to just sit and work and not have to worry about anything else - mainly my healthy eating and keeping my body in shape.

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It sounded like a good idea until my health coach friend sold me on the link between your life and the way you look after your body. Yes, it might seem like a good idea to just hash out your work even if it means you’re stretching your body to its limits - just so you can get things done - but everything is connected, and your neglect of your body will come back to bite you in your behind.

Similarly, changing your eating habits to something more healthy will also transform your mind and have you thinking and doing things differently. Here are four ways that your mind transforms just by eating healthily.

You become more mindful

The first thing I noticed when I started eating healthier is that I started reading the ingredients list on everything I bought.

*shock and horror*

Almost everything has some form of sugar in it! And so many things that come in convenient little ‘healthy’ packages aren’t as healthy as they claim to be. In fact, the only way I could assure I was really eating healthily was if I bought real food and made things myself. I paid attention to a lot of what I put in my mouth and funnily enough, that also spilled over to other parts of my life.

Where was I spending my time? How is a situation affecting me and those around me? Being mindful was more than just sitting in meditation, it was part of life.

You stop being a follower but become a learner

When I first started reading labels, I wasn’t quite sure what it all meant, which meant I turned to my good friend, Google and brushed up on my knowledge ASAP so that I knew what I was buying. That’s the thing about eating healthy, you might not always know where to start, but you start learning it really quickly.

So much of what I know comes from learning it when I needed it. I took courses, classes, asked professional health care friends, read books and searched the internet. Of course, one also has to put on one's discernment cap on - especially on the internet. There is a lot of fluff information out there. But the point is, we stop becoming followers and start making informed decisions of our own.

Again, this spills over to other things in our life. Not just what we eat, but who we read, listen to, agree with. Our political and religious leanings. Soon, it becomes everything where we’re now more inclined to do a quick check instead of just listening to someone else’s view and taking it for truth.

You appreciate more

When you decide to start your own little organic garden so you can eat your own vegetables, you suddenly develop a healthy appreciation for all the farmers and growers out there! Growing my own tiny garden was a lot of work and effort, and these people do it on such a large scale to feed the world! Now that’s something! Not only that, you realise that for food to be delivered to you in good condition it shouldn’t have to travel hundreds of kilometers. Slow and seasonal food start to become more appealing.

In fact, you start feeling grateful just eating what you’ve prepared because you spent so much time and effort making sure your body is getting all the right nutrients it needs.

You want better things for yourself

Finally, we start wanting better things for ourselves. Our self love grows and we are no longer satisfied with half hearted attempts nor are we okay with sitting back and accepting situations that can clearly be improved.

We want to make sure that not only do we put healthy things inside our bodies - within reason (balance is still important) - but that this also extends to the rest of our lives.

So yeah, I am claiming that if you start taking care of one aspect of your life, it will slowly expand and affect other parts positively. Which is why balance is so important in life - in work, in eating, in health, etc. Because being imbalanced in one aspect will also slowly stain the other bits of your life. Good luck!

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