3 Ancient Herbs to Strengthen Your Immunity
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3 Ancient Herbs to Strengthen Your Immunity

It’s everywhere you look; everyone, every media outlet and every single social media post and meme has something to say about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

With such an information overload, now is the time to really put your thinking caps on and analyze the stuff you’re reading, checking out the sources of origin and knowing what applies directly to you.This sieve of information not only protects you from the misinformation out there (and let us tell you there are plenty), but also makes sure you stay informed and healthy which is exceptionally vital during a health pandemic like the one on our hands.

As of right now, the first thing we’ll say is don’t panic. This isn't simply an urge for you to relax. We’re saying don’t stress - when you stress and panic, you put your body in fight or flight mode, raise cortisol levels and weaken your nervous system and immunity. And now is not a time to weaken your immunity - now is the time to strengthen it and make sure it’s running optimally. So instead of sharing with you  COVID-19 facts (something you have plenty of we’re sure) we want to give you simple DIY ways you can make sure your immunity is functioning at an optimal level. A strengthened immunity is one that can help fight viruses. So, we asked international expert, Dr Gerad Bodeker of Oxford and Columbia University, about natural products for which there is evidence of strengthened immunity and here are three that he mentioned:  


1. Pegaga (gotu kola)

The first superfood to increase consumption during this pandemic is pegaga, which is high in immunity boosting properties and also works great as an antioxidant. You’ll want to find the right blend of pegaga though, one high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients, which will help you fight off infections, support your body’s immune system and overall health - according to research conducted by Chiang Mai University in Thailand.  In fact, Ayurvedic traditions see pegaga as a regenerative herb which is said to fortify the immune system, both cleansing and feeding it and to strengthen the adrenals. So if you want to rev up your immunity, check out our very own Pegaga by PurelyB, a superfood blend that’s herbal, natural and high in antioxidants. It was formulated with traditional herbalists & medical scientists and contains the highest quality of pegaga, turmeric leaf, green apples, papaya leaf and dates and has been used for generations for its ability to strengthen immunity, improve digestion and promote skin health.


2. Turmeric & turmeric leaf (curcumin)

When you think turmeric, people associate bright yellow hued powder stashed in your kitchen.  Very few of us would be storing turmeric in its root form and even fewer would be storing or knowing about turmeric leaves! Turns out, that turmeric or haldi leaves are no less a health, beauty and medicinal wonder. Of course people in South Asia and Southeast Asia have been using turmeric and tumeric leaf for thousands of years  - in Ayurveda and local health traditions - and the reason is because it’s known to be a high anti-inflammatory food that is also high as an antioxidant. Known as “nature’s antibiotic”, turmeric helps to fight off foreign bodies and substances that don’t belong in the system, including viruses. An increase in turmeric consumption can help support the immunity no doubt. According to Medical News Today “curcumin is proven to improve immune function with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties.” Luckily in Asia, tumeric and turmeric leaf is a household ingredient, available in most kitchens making it very accessible. An easy way to consume turmeric leaf is by consuming it in the form of a superfood drink here.


3. Elderberry

Elderberry is often reached for during seasonal change for internal health support. The berries are dark and beautiful and popular in Europe for a variety of health-supportive properties. Even Greek physician Hippocrates referred to elderberry as his “medicine chest” and recent studies have shown ways that elderberry functions to support a healthy immune response. In Asia, we don’t experience as many seasonal changes but regular elderberries can also promote immune function during trial times.

You're a sip away from stronger immunity and a healthy mind and body! In times of uncertainty like this, leave panic on the shelf and instead do what you can to boost your immunity naturally. Your body, immunity and sanity will thank you for it!  And remember, the best advice for staying vigilant still stands - please don’t panic. It’s also important to wash your hands often and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. We’re in this together and we’ll power through soon enough.