10 Ways To Recharge When You Hit The Midday Slump
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10 Ways To Recharge When You Hit The Midday Slump


6 November 2016


As you are ready to take charge of the day, the midday slump suddenly hits you. You can’t help but find yourself wanting to face-plant on your desk in the afternoon. Overcome those lunchtime lethargies with these 10 ways to revitalise your body and state of mind without coffee or energy drinks - you won’t be needing them!

Call a family member, friend, or a loved one!

Despite the usual ‘take a walk’ or ‘grab a coffee’ break, try calling a family member, friend or spouse for 15 minutes. There is nothing like exchanging conversations with a loved one to make you giggle and put your mind at ease!

Stretch or Do Some Light Exercises

If you have an office job, hunching over your desk for most of the day may leave you experiencing the occasional pain or tensed muscles around your neck, shoulders and back area either during the day or at the end of a long day at work. To loosen up those tight and tensed muscles, here are 5 practical ways to ditch the desk and be active at work. Or how about some simple office yoga you can do right from your desk? Try these 4 easy stretches when you’re taking  breather or go ahead and stretch your entire body. These will not only help you reinvigorate your body, your mind will be refreshed too! All you need is just few minutes.

Head Out During Daylight

If you are surrounded by beautiful weather, take advantage of the daylight by having your lunch outside. Taking a short, leisurely stroll around your area after having your meal does wonders! It helps reduce the amount of melatonin your body produces, increases your vitamin D absorption which in turns helps builds your bone strength.

Take More Protein, Less Processed Carbs

As a salad lover, I tend to eat tuna salad without the bread. Opt for energising proteins, healthy fats and vegetables over processed carbs such as white rice, white noodles and the like. You will see a massive difference in your energy levels, enough to help you overcome the tempting 3 o’clock nap!

Prioritise Important Tasks

As your energy levels are highest when you first get to work, prioritise the tasks you are dreading the most. Not to worry, you will be able to breeze through your favourite tasks after as the afternoon slump hits, as doing what you enjoy the most will boost your enthusiasm and drive to complete those to-do items!

Stock Up on Mints or Chewing Gum!

Fresh and minty flavours in your mouth is similar to a wake-up call in the morning. It stimulates and freshens you, doesn’t it? Also, chewing produces saliva which helps clear out bacteria to prevent gum disease. Oh and make sure it is sugar-free too!

Listen to Music

Listening to music is an all-time euphoria. Whether you enjoy high-energising or slow music, create a playlist of your favourite songs and rock out! You can have an orchestra symphony, a jazzy tune, a full-blown rock concert or whichever music genre you fancy – all playing in your ears! Close your office doors or head to the bathroom for a little boogie if it’s necessary - you will head back to your office feeling more awake than ever!

Get Up, Stand Up and Move

As mentioned, try to move as much as possible. Instead of e-mailing or calling your colleagues, step into their offices instead. Or how about a stand up lunch meeting or a walking meeting? More face-to-face interaction will not only increase your well-being, but social skills too!

Snack on Dark Chocolate

As we all know, dark chocolates stimulate endorphins, the feel-good hormones in our bodies. Opt for dark chocolate (the ones with more than 70% cocoa) due to their decadence and health benefits. We’re talking flavonoids; compounds that act as antioxidants, serotonin, the anti-depressant hormone, fiber (yes! 7g of fiber in every 100g), minerals and of course, small amount of caffeine Make sure not to overdose - you do not want an upset stomach! If dark chocolate is not your thing, here is a list of healthy snacks to have on hand.

Rub Essential Oils

Have your favourite essential oils on your desk. Take a drop or two to rub on your wrists, neck, and lightly on the face (avoiding the eye area) for a relaxing aromatherapy. Fun fact: peppermint is a known energy-boost scent!

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