What’s Inside PurelyB’s Healthy Snack Pack and How To Enjoy Them
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What’s Inside PurelyB’s Healthy Snack Pack and How To Enjoy Them


23 August 2016


PurelyB’s Healthy Snack Pack has been thoughtfully put together so that not only are you snacking right, you won’t get bored of having the same snack every day. Apart from nibbling on all these delicious foods on their own, (yes, you can eat nut butter just like that), here are some ideas to stretch out the snacks in several creative, fun and you-never-thought-this-could-be-healthy ways, enjoy!

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Nut Butter

Spread this nutritious butter on bread, rice cakes, bananas or even between dates!

Use it as a dip with celery, cucumber, carrots or capsicum.

Credit: Glad

  • Make a donut with apples, nut butter and nuts.

Credit: One Lovely Life

  • Drizzle it over your smoothie bowl or overnight oats.


  • Enjoy a bowl of granola with your choice of milk. We like nut milks, oat milk and rice milk.
  • Sprinkle it over natural yoghurt or a bowl of chopped fruits.

  • Make a parfait by layering yoghurt, granola and fruit.
  • Use it as a topping when making a crumble.


Credit: Blissfully Domestic

  • Make ‘Ants on a Log’ – spread nut butter on a banana, cucumber, celery and sprinkle some raisins.

Sunflower Seeds

  • A perfect addition to homemade granola bars.
  • Sprinkle them in salads or over a bowl of cereal.
  • Make your own trail mix (sunflower seeds, almonds, goji berries, dark chocolate chips).

Mixed Nuts

  • Crush these up and sprinkle them over a bowl of yoghurt and fruit.

  • Give salads a nice crunch by adding nuts in them.

Chia Seeds

Credit: Back To Her Roots

  • Add them to your water.
  • Make delicious chia pudding that can be eaten any time of the day! Check out the video here.
  • Add them to just about any recipe as they are so tiny and tasteless.

Coconut Flakes

  • Stir these into your oats.
  • Add them to recipes such as bliss balls and granola bars.

  • Make them into salted coconut chips by lightly dressing them with coconut oil and salt. Place them in the oven until they start to turn golden brown. Make sure you stir them around every few minutes.


  • For a refreshing beverage - prepare you tea and refrigerate it. Once it’s cold add various ingredients such as berries, lemon, orange, mint, basil.
  • For a more comforting drink, have a warm cup of tea and add ginger or lemongrass.
  • Plus, there are also organic fruit and nut bites that you can enjoy as a snack on-the-go or have them as your pre- or post-workout snack!

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