“I Lost 5kg In 5 Weeks” — How Nourish, Heal, Glow Helped Me Lose Weight Sustainably
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“I Lost 5kg In 5 Weeks” — How Nourish, Heal, Glow Helped Me Lose Weight Sustainably

When 35 year old mother of two Nadiah had a health scare after going for her medical check ups, she knew it was time for a change. Not only did starting Nourish, Heal, Glow, help Nadiah lose weight, it also revamped her whole lifestyle and gave her the motivation to take her health and happiness into her own hands.

Alarming levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels and not to mention an obese BMI—these results were a wake-up call for Nadiah after getting her medical check up done. With a history of heart disease and diabetes in her family, she knew it was time to get her life back in order.

“I totally let myself go after having my kids, who are now aged 6 and almost 3. At one point I just gave up and accepted the fact that I was now fat and of course, my confidence and self esteem just crumbled as I couldn't stand looking at myself in photos and in the mirror.”

When Nadiah came across Nourish, Heal, Glow she swiftly enrolled taking it as an opportunity to regain control of her life.

“I signed up for Nourish, Heal, Glow because I needed help to get my life back on track—and it looked like a good programme with meal plans (that were catered to Asian taste buds!) and a support network that I needed. The best part was that it was on offer—so totally worth it!!”

Nadiah intended to use the programme to help her lower her blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol and blood sugar back to healthy levels. Having been active in sports prior to having children, she was determined to build up her stamina once again, setting her sights on conquering Mount Kinabalu and running half a marathon one day.

Although weight loss was her main goal, she was wary of fad diets and knew the programme would be a sustainable solution that could help her make a lasting impact on her health.

“I have previously always gone on crash diets, so although I would lose 10kg in like a month, it was definitely not sustainable and I would just gain it all back (and more) when I went back to my bad eating habits again. It was a vicious cycle and I just was sick of it—I need a lifestyle change, not another diet and Nourish, Heal, Glow was the perfect answer.”


We asked Nadiah more about what she thought of the programme:

Q. What do you think about the programme overall?

It's excellent and very well thought through. The easy access mobile-friendly online platform—where I can learn at my own pace, with lifetime access to the programme and interactive videos, pop quiz, tips, meal plans and recipes—is incredibly helpful and makes the programme interesting and lively.

There was so much to learn from, and I am continuously learning—it was a total mindset change, and I actually looked forward to know what was in store week after week. I also liked that Carina was only just a click away in case I had any questions.

My challenge now is to incorporate all what I have learned for my whole family. 


Q. How did Carina and team help you in this programme?

Carina was very approachable and helpful—I especially loved the fact that there is a private Facebook group for members, who can share progress updates or questions and Carina would be very responsive and welcoming. It's like having a family who are going through the same journey and can help to motivate and encourage each other.

I also started a new Instagram profile to document my healthy living journey and both Carina and Jesrina, as well as PurelyB gave me all the support and encouragement. I truly appreciate that—it shows that they care and I believe that's what makes this programme different from others. It's in the attention to details and support given to Nourish, Heal, Glow members. 


Q. Are the recipes and meal plans workable and what do you think about it?

Yes, most of the recipes and meal plans are pretty simple and easy to do. I didn't follow the meal plans to the T though, I tweaked the meal plan to cater to my own needs, sometimes repeating the meals and adjusting some of the recipes to my liking.

To be honest, before starting this programme I did not cook AT ALL. I ate out almost every single night and I would use food delivery services. So initially it was an effort to start cooking from scratch, but I have gotten the hang of it and quite enjoy it now! 


Q. Would you recommend this to others?

Absolutely yes!!


Q. Do you think you will be able to sustain your healthy lifestyle and continue practice what the programme has taught you?

100% yes. The days of gorging on all that junk food—biscuits, cakes, crisps, fast food are well and truly behind me. I have a major sweet tooth so I can't live without my desserts! But now I know it's all a matter of substituting unhealthy food with the healthier options, like gluten free granola and nuts instead of biscuits or junk food to munch on.

I feel so much better now that I have totally removed refined sugar and junk food from my diet—I was totally addicted to it, and it was showing in my huge weight gain, breakouts on my face and just overall 'unhealthiness'. 


Q. Who do you think should join Nourish, Heal, Glow?

Anyone striving to make a change towards healthy eating/living but doesn’t know where to start and needs a guiding, supporting hand.

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