Is It Really That Hard to Eat Healthy In Asia?
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Is It Really That Hard to Eat Healthy In Asia?


21 March 2018


You’ve probably already tried to change your diet to healthier one. But it’s just so hard to stick to it for so many reasons. We understand the reason, keep reading to find out whether healthy eating is that hard to do in Asia.

The diets you've tried are bland or Western-based

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It’s so hard to resist your favorite Asian foods. In your experience all the “healthy” foods taste nowhere close to as good as the ones you’re used to. Let’s face it Malaysians are foodies, and something dismal just won’t do.


It’s expensive!

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All those imported healthy superfoods, powders, or whatever the Victoria Secret Supermodels are drinking look nice, but they would burn a hole in your wallet if you had them everyday! While superfoods may be cheaper and more ready available in Western countries, for those living in Asia they either are hard to find or just way too expensive.


You just don’t have time to slave away in the kitchen

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It’s time-consuming and difficult to cook nutritious meals when you’re already so busy working and even more you're a mother! Reaching for quick and convenient seem to be a better option than spending hours in the kitchen to prepare and cook a healthy meal.


Reading food labels are just so confusing

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It’s confusing to read food labels and to understand what’s really healthy and what isn’t, especially with conflicting nutrition advice, “clever” marketing, and old wives tales. What’s maltodextrin, is it okay to eat? How are you supposed to know where to start with all this confusing information out there.


Eating healthy in social situations is impossible!

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It’s hard to avoid rich Asian food when social eating is deeply ingrained in the Asian culture, it makes it difficult to eat when your out with your friends or even at business meetings.

So what can you do? How can you eat healthy when you’re up against all of this? Who can help you when most mainstream diet advice out there doesn’t understand or address the Asian palate, diet and culture?

Well, the good news is we’ve figured it all out for you in the Nourish, Heal, Glow 28 Day Programme.

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