Flare-Ups – Tips for Improving on Inflammatory-Related Health Issues
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Flare-Ups – Tips for Improving on Inflammatory-Related Health Issues


1 July 2015


Many of us suffer from inflammatory-related health issues, and most of us don’t even realise it.

Our eating habits, consisting of refined and processed foods, commercially-raised animal products and even overindulging in grains have put us in a position where we are suffering from a variety of diseases, digestive disorders, and “mysterious” weight gain or hormone imbalances that many doctors can’t accurately diagnose or treat.

One of the key triggers and connecting factors to all health issues is inflammation and the cure for that can be simple! Start choosing your foods with more awareness.

Take a look at this test that I conducted for example.

The orange eggs on the top of the picture are Frenz eggs, which are free-range eggs from New Zealand. This deep, sunset-coloured orange is the colour that nature intended! These free-roaming chickens were eating whatever they could scavenge in their natural environment, such as seeds, bugs, worms, and sprouts.

The radioactive looking nuclear-coloured eggs that are polluting my teflon-free frying pan came from industrially-raised chickens, which have clearly been fed a diet of highly-inflammatory grains such as corn and soy.

Eating industrially-raised eggs (or any industrially-produced and processed food products) on a regular basis is a guaranteed way to cause inflammatory issues in your body; resulting in everything from sore joints to autoimmune and thyroid disorders, and worse.

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So while many of us are looking for a quick fix, the “solution” to our weight loss and health issues is a change in your attitude and mindset. If you’re wondering where to start with your healthy diet, or if you’re already eating clean but you want to make some health upgrades, I suggest that you make the decision to eat more natural, and look into an anti-inflammatory diet protocol.

If you feel that you’re suffering from inflammatory-related health complications, I suggest that you begin lowering your inflammatory response by eliminating highly-inflammatory foods, which, as in any healthy diet, also involves lowering your intake of sugars and refined carbs.

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Here are some quick tips that can result in major health improvements:

  • If you currently drink milk, replace it with raw milk. And high-fat organic dairy is much better for you than traditional skim milk products. Goat milk and yoghurt/cheese are always better alternatives to cow’s milk.
  • If you eat red meat, go grass-fed
  • If you eat eggs regularly, chose free-range only
  • And as always, try to eat less sugar:)

Hope this helps!