Finding The Best & Worst Foods For You Based On Your DNA—Is It Possible?
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Finding The Best & Worst Foods For You Based On Your DNA—Is It Possible?


26 February 2019


What if you could take a simple painless test and find out exactly what you should be eating according to your genes? Our DNA differentiates us from everyone else. Therefore, what we eat and what diet we follow should be unique to us as individuals.

What does DNA have to do with what we eat?

The simplest definition of DNA is that it is a genetic code found in every living cell determining unique physical characteristics and features. These include obesity and certain diseases to what we look like, e.g. hair and eye colour. Take this concept of individualising further, and you can base your nutritional intake on your genes. This makes perfect sense particularly for those who may have the obesity gene or a hereditary illness, or even those who have been on diets that don’t seem to work.

Culinary genomics

Research has shown that eating according to your genetic makeup does improve overall health compared to just eating what you want (obviously!) or following the latest diet no matter how effective it may be. DNA-based nutrition is also called culinary genomics—preparing and consuming food that positively interacts with your genes. Basing a diet on ingredients, the way food is prepared and meal planning according to an individual’s DNA is becoming more creative and is a natural progression from how many of us are eating anyway, i.e. more plant-based, less (or no) sugar, less salt, low carb, vegan, etc. 

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Eat what’s right for you!

Personalised nutrition isn’t some fad or even a new concept; but it is becoming more mainstream and available to consumers. There are no complicated tests to undergo, blood drawn, questions asked—these days a simple saliva swab is all that is needed to discover what your body needs to perform better, stay healthy and even decrease the chances of getting certain illnesses linked to the consumption of sugar, salt and saturated fat.

We have all been through this scenario—you cut down on carbs, avoid high-cholesterol food (seafood, fatty meat, dairy) and eat as cleanly as possible, but you still gain weight and cholesterol levels remain high. What you need is an eating plan based on scientific facts where the food you eat is exactly what your body needs to function at its best. The best (and easiest) way to do this is by taking a DNA test, and not from referring online as most of us are regularly inclined to do.

Consider this an investment into your long-term health goals and weight maintenance. DNA-based tests don’t come cheap but neither do doctors’ bills, medication, supplements or those holidays you take to de-stress!

By taking a DNA test, you will find out:

  • How effective specific (low carb, high protein, Mediterranean) diets will be for you
  • Caffeine metabolism rates
  • Gluten/sodium sensitivity
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency risks

Once you have such accurate information, you can plan and manage your diet to lose, gain or maintain your weight, take the correct supplements and eat food that will truly benefit you in the long run.

How DNA testing works

All you have to do is send away for a DNA Wellness Plan, and a saliva collection kit will be sent to you. You DNA will then be analysed in a lab through genotyping, and a detailed report sent to you.  From here, health and wellness professionals will be consulted and a detailed personalised plan created, which you can access and put into motion. Considering how easy it is, getting a test done should be something we should all do to ensure what we eat enhances our health.

A healthy lifestyle is all about longevity attained through diet, a positive attitude, good mental health and being fit. Your diet is a crucial factor in your overall well-being and ultimately how long you live and how ill you could become. By knowing exactly what you lack and shouldn’t eat too much of, you are already well on your way to becoming healthier and slimmer, if that’s your end goal.

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