7 Secrets To Not Gaining Weight At Chinese New Year Dinners
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7 Secrets To Not Gaining Weight At Chinese New Year Dinners


30 January 2016


Banquets and dinner feasts are always popular during this time of the year, and attending various business and company dinners are almost inevitable.

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The typical fixings that give away the fact that it’s a Chinese gathering are the lavish dinner packages where fish and meat dishes are plentiful. Mingling with associates and closing business deals over alcohol is also a rather usual Chinese custom.

Of course, after gorging on the scrumptious meal and having a glass of wine or two, our digestive systems are in over-drive. Many people tend to fall ill during festive seasons due to this. So, how are we to balance out all the wine and dine that comes with festive socialising, without compromising on our health?

Here are some handy tips and tricks to keep in mind to help keep the weight gain at bay:

1. Don’t Go To A Dinner On An Empty Stomach

Have you ever realised that guests often don’t come to the dinners on time? They choose to wait till they are borderline starving before devouring the food that is offered, which often results in over-eating. To avoid this situation from happening to you, the most fool-proof way is to have some fruit at home in advance. Fruit is not only healthy and delicious; it is also packed with fibre that can help keep you feeling full. Munching on some fruit can keep the hunger pangs at bay, while not affecting your overall appetite. A win-win!

2. Carefully Choose The Dishes You’ll Consume

With a lavish spread with tons of delectable dishes before you, it’s easy to see why most people will lose all sense of self-control when it comes to these events. To prevent weight gain, we suggest you ‘scrutinise’ the available dishes presented to you first! Avoid fried foods as they can be high in calories and have carcinogenic elements in them due to the cooking process, and opt for steamed, stewed or baked dishes instead. Moreover, the sauces that come on the side with Chinese cuisine are often made with lots of preservatives and sugar, so it is better to forgo them. Remember: consume more vegetables, but less rice and meat.

3. Feeling Full With the 7-Minute Principle

Although it is understandable that it’s hard to control the temptations of further indulging at banquets, give yourself an occasional little reminder to eat your food more slowly. Take your time to chew and savour your meal, and you’ll discover the surprising fact that you could be feeling full in just 7 minutes. According to a study published by the University of Ireland, people who chow down their food faster than those who took their time with their meals are more likely to ingest a greater amount of calories, resulting in weight gain. The weight deviation between the groups was a stark difference of 8 kilos! The signals that indicate fullness take some time to be effectively communicated from the body to the brain, so by eating slowly, you’re providing your brain the window of time it needs to receive these signals. Say goodbye to over-indulgence!

4. Take Liver Supplements Before Drinking

Everyone is aware of the perils that come with long-term drinking; but even if you were to have a glass, it’s best to take some preparatory measures in advance. Having some Vitamin B, or milk thistle prior to an event where you’re expected, or expecting to drink will help boost liver function, minimise any potential liver damage, reduce the likelihood of a hangover, as well as aid liver cell regeneration. It’s recommended to have one or two small glasses at most, because substantial drinking will cause permanent damage to your liver that not even an expensive medical elixir can help remedy.

5. Having Enough After-Meal Fruit Enzymes

Fruit enzymes can aid digestion and strengthen the body’s ability to detoxify. Why not prepare your own bottle of fruit enzyme vinegar? Be creative in your choice of fruits – from pineapple, dragon fruit and hawthorn, the possibilities are endless. The enzymes also promote the metabolism of protein and fat while enhancing our body’s detoxification capabilities – in short, they’re able to help in weight loss too!

6. Colon-cleansing the Morning After

After being stuffed full, make your digestive system a healthy and happy one by going through a detoxification process the morning after. In the morning, have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar together with 500cc of warm water on an empty stomach for three consecutive days after the dinner. Keep in mind that there’s never a quick fix for our health, and we must ensure that it is well-taken of all day, every day – but it is understandable that we might succumb to a night’s temptation, so taking care of it the morning after is a must. A feast heavy with fish and meat dishes will amplify the levels of acidity in the body, and as apple cider vinegar has an alkaline effect in our bodies, it is able to neutralise the increased acidity experienced after consuming a substantial amount of the aforementioned foods. Apple cider vinegar also works many other wonders too; it is able to stimulate the secretion of bile, the metabolism of fat and your intestinal system as a whole, helping to restore it while allowing smoother bowel movements as well.

7. Increase Your Levels of Physical Activity

By increasing your daily levels of physical activity slightly more than usual, you’re able to burn off all the extra calories from the feasting. From parking your car further from your destination, taking the stairs, or just spending some time playing with your children, there are plenty of simple ways to get up and get moving. Take advantage of the time you have while idle to move more. It is recommended that you put aside 30 minutes a day for some form of exercise to sweat it out!