Why traditional herbal remedies are on the rise like never before

Why traditional herbal remedies are on the rise like never before


16 April 2021


While people across the world have relied on herbal medicine to meet their health needs for centuries, traditional herbal remedies are on the rise like never before.

Do you wonder what all the buzz is about? Let us walk you through.


What are traditional herbal remedies?

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Let's start with the basics. An herb is basically a plant or a part of a plant that is used in medicine, because of its flavour, scent, or its therapeutic properties. Herbal medicines are a type of dietary supplement. These supplements use plants to boost general health and wellbeing - and to prevent and treat diseases.

Usually sold as capsules, tablets, powders, and fresh or dried plants, these natural medicines aim to return the body to its state of natural balance so that it can heal itself. Different types of herbs work on distinctive parts of your body.

Now, let's look at why the Herbal Remedies Market is booming.


More people are becoming aware of the benefits of Herbal Remedies

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The rising awareness of the benefits of natural remedies, with increased demand as the result, is one of the key factors supporting market growth. All-natural, chemical-free, and relatively affordable in comparison to its alternatives, are a few benefits that make more customers want to experience how herbal remedies can improve their health - the natural way.

The pandemic has been an eye-opener for everyone and has forced people to start paying attention to their health. The increasing aging population across the world also supports growth, as natural, proven traditional remedies remain a key draw for the older population.

Moreover, an increased acceptance of traditional healing methods and the rise in globalisation contribute to traditional remedies starting to gain popularity outside of their regular user groups.


Thousands of years of evidence boost demand
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Many traditional remedies have been proven for their effectiveness for thousands of years.

In Asia, Traditional Medicine (T.M) has been recorded as far back as 5,000 years ago. Before Western Culture dominated medicine, T.M was used to maintain health and to diagnose, prevent, and treat physical and even mental problems. It’s a medical modality that encompasses the use of herbal medicines, acupuncture, cupping, and so much more.


Several major medical breakthroughs were inspired by traditional medicine 

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Did you know that the creation of anti-malaria medicine was inspired by traditional remedies? In 1972, a chemist from the People’s Republic of China experimented with substances recommended by classical Chinese medical texts. After testing several plants, Tu Youyou created a remedy using a herb called wormwood (Artemisia annua). This discovery resulted in her receiving a Nobel Prize for medicine in 2015 after saving literally millions of lives. 

Although not rooted in Asia, aspirin was also synthesized based on T.M. After studying methods from Ancient Egypt and Greece, European scientists unveiled aspirin in the 1800s. The formula was based around salicylic acid -  an active ingredient in dried myrtle leaves, used by Ancient Egyptians to treat aches, and willow bark, used by Hippocrates for fevers.

And the list goes on!


Traditional remedies are backed by modern science 

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Scientists from leading universities around the world have been analysing and experimenting with T.M. The goal? To use ancient knowledge to treat modern diseases, such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer, and more. 

Currently, in America, Yung-Chi Cheng is waiting for the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to approve his multi-herb drug that can help curb the side effects of chemotherapy and can simultaneously fasten the shrinkage of tumours. As you may have guessed, his multi-herb drug was created using information from classical Chinese medical texts. 

All our products at PurelyB are co-created with traditional Malay & Asian herbalists and backed by medical scientists. Completely natural using ancient herbs and remedies used for centuries for healing & prevention in South-East Asia, but provided in an easy and accessible way for the busy, modern generation.

Traditional herbal remedies are becoming more accessible

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Supplier innovations and standards for dietary supplements further support the growth of the global herbal medicine market. In fact, many renowned hospitals have set up a specialised department on alternative forms of medicine.

Brands are making powerful ancient remedies available to you - and this is only the beginning.

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