All The Questions You Had About Remedies & Natural Home Pharmacy Answered

All The Questions You Had About Remedies & Natural Home Pharmacy Answered

While you may be aware of the risks of relying on conventional forms of treatment and antibiotics for fighting common ailments, it can be confusing to know where to start when looking for alternative treatment. That’s why we created Natural Home Pharmacy, a programme to guide you through healing with natural remedies designed by certified naturopath, Amanda Teh.

It’s only natural to have questions you want answered before diving into anything, especially if you’re a mother or looking for advice to support a loved one. So we’ve rounded up some of the most common questions about remedies and Natural Home Pharmacy to provide you all the answers you need.

What are natural remedies?

Within the scope of this programme, the term natural remedy refers to natural substances or practices used to treat, support or prevent illness, aid in the healing of ailments, and perhaps most importantly, promote wellness. These remedies can include foods, vitamins, botanicals, herbs and spices.

Do natural remedies work?

Not every treatment works for everyone, which is true of both pharmaceuticals and natural remedies. However, there are literally centuries of recorded herbal practice with countless documentation of their effectiveness, clinical safety and potency. Add that to the emerging clinical trials and modern scientific research on herbal medicine today and we have an incredible arsenal of information at our fingertips. It is important that you follow the preparation and dosage of the natural remedy for it to be most effective.

Are natural remedies safe?

Generally, yes. The natural remedies in this programme are mainly present-day versions of natural treatments and traditional medicines safely used for centuries around the world.
While there are always risks with any remedy – natural or otherwise – natural remedies are generally less likely to cause serious side effects as compared to pharmaceutical options when used or practiced safely. Be sure to follow the instructions and dosage as laid out in the programme since it has been vetted by a trusted professional and certified naturopath.

Why choose natural remedies?

When used properly, natural remedies can safely and naturally create holistic balance within the body to alleviate ailments, support systemic health, and help prevent future disease. Naturally remedies usually accomplish these goals with fewer risks and side effects than their pharmaceutical counterparts, which is particularly important when considering the treatment of chronic concerns.But when choosing natural remedies is mainly about alleviating symptoms like when you’re fighting a cold or just want relief from your sore throat, we still prefer seeking natural remedies as our first lines of defense.

Are natural remedies better than over the counter drugs?

We believe that most times, yes, they are the better choice. For individuals who prefer to live as naturally healthy lives as possible, natural remedies can be the best first line of defense as it’s a great prevention measure too. For those suffering from serious or even merely bothersome side effects from over the counter drugs, natural remedies can be a safe alternative worth trying. However please keep in mind that natural remedies take time to work, so for serious problems or emergencies please do seek the immediate advice of a healthcare professional.

Can I take natural remedies in place of my prescription drugs?

Not unless you are under the clinical supervision of a qualified healthcare professional. It can be very dangerous to abruptly discontinue pharmaceuticals and extremely difficult for a lay person to choose an acceptable alternative(s) to their treatment.

Are the natural remedies in this programme safe for infants and children?

Natural remedies may be administered to children ages 6-12 using lower dosages. However this programme is not suitable for for young children under the age of 6 and infants. If you are still unsure, seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

Are the natural remedies in this programme safe for pregnant or nursing mothers?

Yes, most of our remedies are safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. We have made explicit notes when the remedy is not suitable. However, for pregnancy, always check with your healthcare professional before consuming natural remedies.

What about all the conflicting information I find on the internet about herbal remedies? I’m afraid to try anything!

The internet can be very misleading and overwhelming. There is no regulation on people’s opinion and what can be published on the internet unless it is a scientific journal or medical publication. This makes it extremely difficult to make an informed decision. All the information in this programme has been verified by a certified naturopath. If you are still unsure, we advise you to seek out a healthcare professional who has been properly and extensively trained to help guide you in your health choices.

Do I need to have a herbal medicine, or nutrition background to take this programme?

Absolutely not. This programme is designed for people without any background in herbal medicine or nutrition. We did the research and came up with the best remedies for you.

I’m no good in the kitchen. Can I still make the remedies in this programme?

Yes you can. Our remedies are simple to make. They don’t need special equipment. In some cases you do have to do some cooking, but we promise that we have kept is as easy as possible.

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