5 Deliciously Pretty, Weight Loss-Friendly Meal Ideas
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5 Deliciously Pretty, Weight Loss-Friendly Meal Ideas


21 June 2016


These customised, healthy meals-on-the-go can be whipped up in minutes. Plus, they’re portable, eco-friendly, appetising, beautiful and helps with portion control – what’s not to love? Definitely bring-from-home meals your kids will approve and be proud of. Be prepared - your colleagues may get envious (for a good reason!)

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These pretty protein- and fibre-rich meals in a jar don’t just fill you up, they provide you with wholesome nutrition and lowers your tendency to overeat or reach out for unhealthy snacks! Enjoy viewing the full spectacle of what you’re eating and every mouthful will taste oh-so-flavourful and satisfying!

Here are five deliciously, pretty, weight loss-friendly recipes for meals on-the-go – you’ll won’t look at a glass jar the same way again!

All you need are glass jars (you can reuse old jam bottles), a cutting board, a good knife and your favourite ingredients. Then, chop, dice and slice away! Divide them into single portions and they are ready for anytime of the day. Have fun!

Mason Jar Salad Tips:

Mason-Jar-Salad-Tips.jpg Photo: Cooksmarts

  • Always put your sauce or dressing at the bottom.
  • Choose a variety of colours and textures for an awesome meal!
  • When you transport your mason jar meals, keep it upright so that the sauce or dressing stays at the bottom.

Chicken-Taco-Salad.jpg Photo: Fit Foodie Finds

1. Chicken Taco Salad

Layer from bottom-up: Dressing of your choice, shredded chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, avocados, spinach, your favourite nuts and seeds

Spicy-Zucchini-Salad.jpgPhoto: thelivefitgirls

2. Spicy Zucchini Salad

Layer from bottom-up: Dressing of your choice, purple cabbage, edamame, shredded carrots, capsicum, spiralised zucchini, roasted almonds

Rainbow-Salad.jpgPhoto: 500px

3. Rainbow Salad

Layer from bottom-up: A rainbow selection of fruits - melons/oranges, strawberries/watermelons, red, green or purple grapes, berries

Yoghurt-Parfait.jpgPhoto: Happily Unprocessed

4. Yoghurt Parfait

Layer from bottom-up: Greek yoghurt, your favourite fruits and top with granola or raw cacao nibs

Sticks-_-Dips.jpgPhoto: Inspire Green

5. Sticks and Dip

Layer from bottom-up: Hummus and your favourite veggie sticks – carrots, capsicums, celery, turnips. Spoon the hummus over the sticks and crunch away!

Simply stir, spoon the sauce or dressing over your meal or if you like, transfer your tightly-packed meal into a large bowl and enjoy - bon appetit!