2 Ways To Make A Green Smoothie If You Don’t Have A Blender
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2 Ways To Make A Green Smoothie If You Don’t Have A Blender


18 September 2015


If you haven’t already realised it, I am hooked on green smoothies. Given that they energise my body and balance out my blood sugar levels (unlike plain fruit and fruit juices which make them sky rocket), I do my best to keep them in my diet whenever I can, wherever I am. It hasn’t been without its problems though.

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In my quest to drink green smoothies every day, I have found that many places simply do not offer green smoothies on their menus and some people do not even have a blender available. I don’t think that the lack of availability or the lack of a blender should stop us from getting our green smoothie fixes though, especially if we can easily source all of the ingredients. While this forced me to think outside of the box, I’ve come up with the following two solutions if you want a green smoothie but don’t have a blender.

1. Fork and mash

  • Use a fork to mash some fruits of your choice (I usually use banana or dragon fruit) into a glass
  • Add water
  • Add our secret ingredient - green smoothie powder! After trying many brands, I’ve personally found “Melrose Organic Essential Greens” and “Smoothie Himmelgrün from SemenVitae” (a German brand) to work the best, but other green smoothie powders that are available at your organic shop will work too

2. Glass on glass

  • If you can’t find a fork, get two glasses of different sizes
  • Place your fruits into the big glass
  • Press the smaller glass into the bigger glass until all fruits have been mashed up
  • Add water
  • Add green smoothie powder
Voila – your delicious, nutritious and manually blended green smoothie is good to go when you’re on the go.☺