10 Things a Green Smoothie Drinker Would Already Know
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10 Things a Green Smoothie Drinker Would Already Know


21 September 2015


Green smoothie a day keeps the doctor away – at least that’s my belief! You really can’t go wrong with a green smoothie that is packed with dark leafy greens such as spinach, kang kong, bayam, kale and even parsley or mint with some fruit of your choice.

The list of health benefits is endless which makes it perplexing as to why more people aren’t drinking them already. The fact of the matter is that you will only notice the positive effects when you start drinking them. Green smoothie aficionados, you’ll probably be nodding your head to these 10 points, but for those who are thinking about giving the green a go, here’s why you should get on the bandwagon!

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1. They are a real powerhouse of nutrition

Green smoothies are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. These are essential as they boost your immune system to help fight disease and make your skin glow. They also happen to be low in calories!

2. They are great for digestion

In contrast to juices, the fibre from fruits and veggies are retained in smoothies. And it’s important that we get this fibre to keep our digestion and bowel movements healthy.

3. They reduce your cravings

Green smoothies are packed with healthy goodness and will fill you up to keep the hunger cravings away. Say goodbye to regular snacking and impromptu junk food binges!

4. They balance your blood sugar levels

Pure fruit juices spike your blood sugar levels while green smoothies keep them balanced through their fibre and vegetable content - balanced blood sugar levels is exactly what you want.



5. They are so easy to make

Contrary to belief, green smoothies are really easy to make and will take you only around five minutes. In addition, they’re easy to take with you making them the perfect snack to have in between meals or as a part of a meal.

6. They boost your energy

According to Dr. Ann Wigmore, a molecule of chlorophyll closely resembles a molecule of human blood. Therefore, consuming a green smoothie contains many similarities to receiving a healthy blood transfusion. It’s not surprising as some say that green smoothies boost your energy even more than coffee.

7. They get greens into your diet

Eating fruit is easy (e.g. you can just pick up a banana or apple and start eating it), but eating veggies is considered a hard task for many. Given that they are easy to make, carry and consume, green smoothies are the perfect way to get veggies into your diet.

8. They give you your daily recommended portion of fruits and veggies

Drinking green smoothies helps you obtain your daily recommended portion of both fruits and veggies. Think of it like this - eating two handfuls of spinach and two bananas sounds like a lot, right? But how about drinking one green smoothie that contains the above ingredients all blended into one? It’d make getting those nutrients a lot easier!

9. They help you lose weight

Green smoothies naturally help you to lose weight in two distinct ways. Firstly, they fill you up, preventing you from overeating. Secondly, they are low in calories which helps you to maintain your overall calorie intake.

10. They improve your overall wellbeing

In total, you will just feel better when you have this healthy drink in your diet. And wouldn’t we all like to feel better each and every day? Try it out and you will see what I mean!

How to start being a green smoothie drinker today

Start your smoothies with the following composition - 60% fruits and 40% greens. Once you have adjusted to the taste, slowly increase the amount of greens that you put in.

Don’t hog them all to yourself though! Give them to your kids too, but be warned - you should add some red dragon fruit or a bit of beetroot to start them off on these as the colour may scare them off before they’ve had the chance to savour them!

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