5 Healthy Dessert on Instagram

Top 5 "I Can't Believe They’re Healthy” Amazing Desserts On Instagram


2 June 2015


“Dessert” and “cheat day” - two (well, three) words which will inevitably pop up when talking about healthy eating. And most of the time, they are mentioned when we have to make a guilty admission. Would it shock you if I told you that you don’t need to give up all of your favourite desserts in pursuit of a healthier life? And that you don’t even need to save them for just that one special day each week?

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Sure, there are a lot of desserts out there which conspire against you when it’s time to hit the scales, or even when you’re just trying to be healthier. However if you pick them right, desserts CAN be healthy. Chocolates, macaroons, puddings, cheesecakes and tarts - you can have it all while looking and feeling good if, and it’s a big IF, you make the ones containing the good stuff. Imagine biting into a dark, velvety chocolate cake that’s actually good for you!

Check out these amazing desserts from Instagram for some inspiration. I need to warn you in advance though - you may start drooling before you even get to the end!


Overnight Vanilla Chia & Oat Pudding by @cinnanomnom

Making breakfast in the morning can be an absolute chore. Save yourself some minutes by preparing this pudding the night before so all you need to do in the morning is top it with mango mousse, apple, cinnamon and chia seeds. This a great little treat to start your day as it is filling (thanks to the oats) and healthy (thanks to all the fruit and chia seeds).

pana chocolate

Nutella Pana Cake by @pana_chocolate

Pana Chocolate creates handmade chocolates, cakes and speciality desserts without preservatives. All of their ingredients are raw, organic, gluten-free, low GI and free of dairy, soy and refined sugar. A guilty pleasure that's not so guilty after all - looks too good to be true, huh?


Raspberry and Blueberry Cheesecakes by @suefoodrotterdam

If you thought that you’d have to give up these creamy indulgences due to allergies, fear not, because boy, do I have some good news for you! These cheesecakes in particular are not only egg-free, but they are dairy-free too. Go satisfy that cheesecake craving tonight!


Double Dark Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Tart by @ohsheglows

Having friends over for a dinner party and need something that will tick all the boxes? This chocolate pie is as diet-friendly as it comes being vegan, gluten-free, grain-free and nut-free. The best thing is that you don’t even need to cook it - after thirty minutes of preparation all you need to do is throw it in the freezer for a few hours!


Raw Fig, Currant and Spice Chocolate by @brownpapernutrition

We all like to hide a little bit of chocolate in the top drawer at work. It’s a hard habit to kick, so the least you can do is make that chocolate a healthy one! Aside from raw fig, currant and spices, this delicious treat also contains coconut oil, maca and cacao powder. Raw cacao in particular has the highest concentration of magnesium found in nature to support our heart, bones and brainpower.