7 Dishes You Can Prepare In Your Hotel Room

7 Dishes You Can Prepare In Your Hotel Room


6 December 2015


Over the last eight months, I have led a nomadic lifestyle – changing locations every two to four weeks, travelled to a total of 10 countries, 14 locations and passing through 19 airports.

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While I do get out and enjoy whichever place I happen to be in, there were times where I just wanted to stay in my room, be it because I was too lazy to go out, didn’t feel like eating in the staff canteen, didn’t feel like spending any money or quite simply, because I just wanted to stay in. Of course I still had to eat so I have learned to whip up easy meals in my hotel room with minimal ingredients!

Take note though that you would need a handheld blender for a few of the recipes below. I would highly advise you buy one, if you don’t own one already, and take it with you on your long trips away from home; it has become a travel essential for me.


Green smoothie

Visit the local markets and discover the leafy greens of the region. You may find some familiar ones and also some that may be new to you. And you don’t have to stick to green leafy veggies only, of course. For example, I found beautiful red spinach when I was in Doha and used it in my smoothie. Just come up with your own combinations and enjoy – the chances of messing this up is minimal. You can also make it more filling by adding seeds or oats.

Simplest recipe:
  • 1 large handful of dark leafy green
  • 1 fruit of your choice
  • 1 cup of water

Crackers or bread with toppings

If you in a metropolitan area, you can probably find some great supermarkets with healthy cracker options. I love Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, Doha and Kuwait for this. Simply eat these with toppings of your choice.


Easy to find in most countries and just requires you to soak it with some water. You don’t even need hot water, just make sure to let it soak for longer if you’re using water at room temperature. Simply mix the oats with nuts, fruits or other condiments of your choice.

Yoghurt with fruits or fruit salad

Most hotel rooms and apartments have a knife or at least a spoon. Even with a spoon you can cut soft fruits such as bananas and dragonfruit into small pieces. Simply add them to your yoghurt for a simple, healthy and delicious meal. If there are no utensils in your room, you can always borrow them from your hotel kitchen.

Lunch or dinner:

Veggies with dip

In all the 10 countries and 14 destinations that I have been to this year, I have always managed to find fresh fruit and vegetables – even on the small island of Con Dao in Vietnam. Cut these up and enjoy them with dips such as yoghurt seasoned with a bit of salt, nut butters, pesto or hummus.


Salad with topping

Same as with the fruit salad, these ingredients are easy to find and cut – simply add some lime or lemon on top and then sprinkle some nuts or seeds. I made an amazing salad with ingredients from the local market that you can see below.


Cashew cream

To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can take some cashew nuts (which are easy to find all across Asia), soak them overnight, remove the water, add some fresh water and blend with your handblender. If you crave for some chocolate, you can add some cacao powder too.

My personal travel essentials for the last 8 months of travelling:

Green smoothie powder
And a flask to store my blended concoctions
Voila! Easy and healthy meals while travelling.