Top 5 Healthier Food Choices At The Ramadan Bazaar
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Top 5 Healthier Food Choices At The Ramadan Bazaar


10 June 2018


Yes, you read right – it is possible to find food that’s lower in calories and flavouring, and won’t make you feel like you ate too unhealthily and guilty.

Healthy is not a word usually associated with all the tasty dishes that tantalise all the senses at the bazaar. After all this is a time to indulge and we’re all guilty of having eyes bigger than our stomachs, and end up overeating and veering away from our healthy eating path. It’s easy to say be strong and refrain, but when it comes to our wonderful cuisine, it can be pretty difficult… especially when the roti John and murtabak comes steaming hot off the grill!

We visited a bazaar with the sole aim of discovering healthier options and we found enough dishes to satisfy all our cravings. Instead of heading straight for the oily fatty rendang, lemang and deep fried chicken, opt for nasi kerabu, asam laksa, ayam percik (marinated, grilled chicken) and more equally delicious healthier options.

And, don’t forget to bring your own food containers – help save the environment and #SayNoToPlastic! Watch the video above for our recommendations.


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