Think Desserts Can’t Be Healthy? Introducing Serina’s Sweet Treats
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Think Desserts Can’t Be Healthy? Introducing Serina’s Sweet Treats


23 November 2017


If you think that a healthy diet means total elimination of all things sweet and sinful, then think again! In this episode of B Inspired with PurelyB, Jesrina sits down with founder and owner of Kind Kones, Serina Singhsachathet, to talk all things sweet! Find out how you can enjoy all of your favourite sweet treats without breaking your healthy diet and routine.

Serina’s Health Journey

Where It All Began

Tired of being overweight, Serina started her health journey back when she was in college in Australia. With the help of a fitness and nutritional coach, she did a 180 and got her health back on track.

Serina emphasises she owes her impressive loss of 17kg over the span of 8 months, not to crash diets, but to a sustainable approach of research and self-education.

Her philosophy — No fad, just fab recipes — without sacrificing any of her favourite yummy foods and desserts.

The secret? Learn how to substitute unhealthy ingredients for healthier ones!

Try this: Switch salty, deep fried french fries with healthier baked sweet potato fries — so much healthier and still delicious!

So Where Is She Now?

Inspired by her own weight loss journey, Serina started her healthy vegetarian food blog, A Skinny Dish whilst living in Dubai.

Since moving to Malaysia in 2014, she’s taken her passion for healthy foods even further by venturing into F&B with her husband and opening the popular healthy vegetarian restaurant, Raisin the Roof, and very recently, Malaysia’s first vegan ice-cream bar, Kind Kones.

Guilt-Free Desserts? How?!

Kind Kones has become a hit amongst vegan and non-vegans alike for its unique flavours as well as use of natural ingredients.

In creating these healthy desserts, Serina reduces the amount of sugar used, instead allowing the natural flavours to shine.

But what make this ice-cream, guilt-free and a healthy treat?

Apart from the fact that the ice-creams at Kind Kones are vegan, meaning no dairy and no egg, it’s also free from preservatives and refined sugars, with no additional flavouring or colouring. Because some fruits are already so rich and sweet on their own, sometimes there’s even no need to add sweeteners at all!

These almond, cashew or coconut-based ice creams made with all natural ingredients turns a traditionally decadent, sugar-laden treat into something guilt-free that can be enjoyed without breaking your healthy diet.

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Local Delights

On top of regular favourites like Mocha Almond Choc Chip and Salted Dark Chocolate (a popular flavour that was actually an accidental creation), one of Kind Kones’ best traits is its adventurous local flavour options.

Why not try out these 4 local favourites:

Dragon Fruit and Banana – Straight up banana and dragon fruit making this flavour a refreshing treat!
Salted Gula Malacca – A local twist on the loved Salted Caramel made with the Malaysian naturally unrefined sugar instead.
Purple Sweet Potato – Subtly earthy in flavour with a hint of nuttiness to it!
Durian – The controversial King of Fruits — if you love durian, you’ll love this! This treat is like eating cold durian meat, only lighter.

Simple Substitutions — No Fad, Just Fab

To Serina, eating healthy doesn’t mean eliminating every sinful food or treat you love. A simple substitution will help you curb that craving for your favourite comfort food or sweet treat in a way that’s nutritious and healthy for you.

By still being able to have your favourite foods this also means your efforts to eat healthy are easier to sustain for the long term.

Let’s be real — sugar cravings can come out of nowhere and sometimes you just need a sweet fix to get you on you way. Super simple to make and easy to have on-the-go, these Raw Vegan Chocolate Superfood Bliss Balls shared by Serina are a hit because even though they’re packed with nutrients, they’re incredibly delicious at the same time.

Made with only a few ingredients, you know you’re only fueling your body with natural goodness with these bliss balls.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Superfood Bliss Balls

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A great pre- or post-workout snack, these vegan bliss balls made with dates and nuts are full of protein, good fats and best of all, no refined sugar. Dates are not only packed with minerals making them great for weight loss, their natural sweetness will also help you get that sweet fix you need when you’re craving a treat.

Here’s what you would need:

  • Dates
  • Raw cacao powder
  • Almonds
  • Vanilla extract
  • Walnuts
  • Water

Simply combine the ingredients into a blender or a food processor and blend until it becomes a paste-like consistency. Roll the mixture into a ball and coat it with toppings of your liking. It could be coconut shavings, toasted white sesame — whatever you fancy. Simple as that!

Why not also try this Raw Vegan Truffle Recipe

...Something Exciting Is Coming Your Way!

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce that PurelyB and Kind Kones will be collaborating to create our very own, Cookies n’ Cream vegan ice cream! We’re working closely with Kind Kones to develop this delicious flavour, so keep your eye out for it when it launches January 2018!

Now that you know you don’t have to sacrifice your beloved desserts when you’re eating healthier, you don’t have to let your cravings derail you from your hard work and efforts.

So what are some of the ways you make healthier versions of your favourite treats? We’d love to hear. Share them with us in the comments below!

To find out more about Kind Kones, head on over to their Facebook and Instagram.

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