Let'sCHAT! Tired Of Gaining Weight Because Of Stress? Carina's Got The Answers
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Let'sCHAT! Tired Of Gaining Weight Because Of Stress? Carina's Got The Answers


14 December 2017


With all the responsibilities we hold in everyday life, it’s easy to see how you can be overcome with stress. And with stress comes unhealthy eating habits, weight gain, and the general feeling of laziness. But how can we overcome it all?

This week on Let’sCHAT! we sit down with Carina Lipold, Health & Wellness Director at PurelyB to talk about how we can maintain stress and lead a healthier lifestyle.


Chee Ling asks:

Because of the increasing amount of stress in everyday life, I have started putting on weight.
How can I properly maintain a healthier lifestyle with limited time and without spending tons of money?

Carina says:

You have to wonder, what is really stressing you out? What can you do to change that? In order to make a change you have to identify what your cause of stress is and make a decision: either you change what is making you feel like that or you accept it and let go.

Tip #1 - Manage Your Stress Level To Control Your Cravings

Stress levels differ depending on the situation. If we went back a thousand years, one thing that would definitely increase our stress factors would be if we were chased by a wild animal. But in this day and age, our main source of stress is work and common everyday situations.

The difference between now and then is that we don’t have to be in danger to be stressed. However, our bodies don’t differentiate that and would still react the same way.

Stressful situations leave us tired and hungry because of how the body reacts. The body releases stress hormones and sugar into the blood system whenever triggered thus creating a sense of tiredness and an increase in cravings.

Tip #2 - Find a meal plan that is super-nourishing for your body

This is to ensure the proper absorption of nutrients in the system and this also keeps sugar levels balanced.

When we are under stress, we need more vitamins and minerals than normal. This is due to the fact that the body “shuts down” the digestive system to focus on pumping blood to the muscles (just what you need when you’re running away from a wild animal!).


It’s important to have a meal plan that really nourishes you to replenish all the vitamins and minerals lost and to also keep your blood sugar balanced.


Tip #3 – Proper planning of your grocery-shopping list

You don’t need to have an extra budget just to start having balanced meals. Especially living in Asia, there are loads of healthy options you can get at your local markets.

It’s just a matter of cleaning out your pantry and proper planning of your grocery list. When you have a plan laid out, it’s easier for you to follow when shopping for your groceries. It can give you a clearer idea of what you need.


The 4-Step Formula

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