You Don’t Have To Skip That Meal!

You Don’t Have To Skip That Meal!


23 April 2016


While trying to create a diet plan for a family member who was trying to lose weight, I went on a mission to find out if it was possible to lose weight but at the same time eat ‘normally’ instead of starving one’s self.

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Here is a list of things I found out:

1. Reduce your sugar intake slowly

Sugar has been found to be the main culprit in causing people to gain weight. Try to slowly reduce the amount of sugar you take each day – be it in coffee, sweets, toffees, cakes or sugary drinks. It is difficult to completely eliminate this ingredient from our diet completely at one go, but it is possibly – slowly but surely. A lot of people whom I know can vouch for the fact that giving up sugar has helped them lose weight rather easily. Yes, yes, you can eat that occasional sweet but every day is not an occasion!

2. Moderate exercises all through the week

Regular physical activity in some form or other is important for personal well-being, be it mental or physical. Desk jobs have made it an easy task to gain weight sitting in one place throughout the day. Move it, as and when you can. Here are 5 yoga-inspired moves you can try at your desk. Try to rope in a friend who is on the same mission as you are, it is more encouraging to have a partner always. Don’t like the gym? Get outdoors, run! Or play a sport; it helps in your all-round development.

3. Eat well and stay satiated!

It has been found that eating two large meals and a smaller meal a day can actually help you to lose weight over a period of time. You can choose to eat a heavy breakfast, moderately filling lunch and very light dinner comprising of fruits, salad or soup. Remember though that taking in more calories than you burn will cause weight gain. So, keep an eye on what you consume and make healthy choices.

4. Snack healthily

Keep a box of mixed nuts near your workstation or where you can reach it easily at home. Nuts are not only convenient, they packed with healthy fats, too. Still hungry? Reach out for these healthy snacks instead of chips, fried fritters and the likes. 

5. Choose a smaller plate to eat from

Downsizing the plate can actually help program your brain to eat less. A smaller plate becomes full with even a small quantity of food and gives you the impression that you’re eating a lot more than you actually are. So, this works out in your favour if you wish to cut down on your food intake.

6. Be smart in supermarkets!

Supermarkets can be your downfall with their aisles of unhealthy snacks, sweets and other ‘goodies’ that you shouldn’t be having when trying to eat healthily. Before you step into a supermarket, make sure you have your shopping list with you. Stick to the list and you won’t be going anywhere near the ‘bad’ stuff. Stick to the fresh produce section and you’ll be okay.

7. Even ‘boring’ foods can be interesting and healthy food tasty!

Sometimes making little changes is all that is needed to make food more interesting. Try different combinations of ingredients for sauces and dressings. Can’t live without bacon? Add some as a salad topping instead of having a whole platter-full. Similarly, if you love pasta, choose the healthier whole-wheat variety. Instead of deep-frying, you can choose to bake or shallow fry your favourite food.

Have a sweet tooth? Fret not, here’s what you can eat and still be happy.

  • Dates or raisins are sweet by nature and good for health too!
  • Peanut brittle
  • Almonds coated with dark chocolate

When trying to follow a healthy diet, you may want to allow for one day of indulgence (aka cheat days!) – where that tiny toffee or sweet is allowed. But try not to binge on that one day that you waste all the effort you had put in the rest of the week. Be practical, after all, you are doing this for yourself! Because you are important!

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