Wheat Belly Diet: Start With Breakfast

Wheat Belly Diet: Start With Breakfast


28 April 2016


If you are thinking about making a lifestyle change, then the wheat belly diet plan may be perfect for you.

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Renowned cardiologist Dr. William Davis is author of 'Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health' which explains how eliminating wheat from our diets can result in numerous health benefits, including weight loss.

The main idea is that you eliminate wheat and other sources of gluten from your diet, replacing it with healthier alternatives. In the paragraphs that follow, we will talk about what breakfast should be like once you decide to give this diet a try. No major restrictions to be concerned about, only healthy and delicious breakfast choices to make.

Anti-inflammatory foods

All over the world, there are thousands of people who suffer from gluten intolerance, without being aware of the actual problem. However, there are certain symptoms that should draw attention, such as the constant bloating, problems with the intestinal transit (diarrhea or constipation) and weight gain. A wheat-based diet can be responsible for all of these problems, increasing the risk for chronic health problems, such as diabetes or metabolic syndrome. And here is where the anti-inflammatory foods come in, helping you make a difference in your life.

When you decide to give the wheat belly diet a try, one of the first changes that you have to make involves breakfast. You may need to reconsider pancakes, muffins, and sugary breakfast cereals. No more bread, cookies or pastries, as these are sources of gluten as well. It is time that you eliminated all of the sources of wheat from your kitchen, replacing them with healthier alternatives.

Make healthier choices

If you are serious about losing weight, then it is time you consider some new breakfast choices. A healthy diet such as the wheat belly diet can make a difference in your life, helping you lose weight and look fantastic. Sure, you will have to go through a period of adaptation, as you will give up two of the most common foods in your daily existence, wheat and sugar. But, once you get over the adaptation period, you will be able to enjoy new foods and be healthy at the same time.

How does a typical breakfast look like while you are on this diet? Well, you can easily choose a plain yoghurt, adding some fresh berries and almonds for a delicious taste. A simple breakfast meal can include an egg (boiled or poached), with a serving of greens and fruits. If you are looking for something more special, you can prepare cinnamon and pecan granola, using pecans, almonds, and gluten-free oats. Roasted veggies make for an excellent breakfast, and I can guarantee that the combination of asparagus and eggs is mouth-watering.

You can even make pancakes, as long as you use almond and coconut flour instead of the regular variety. Breakfast puddings are great as well especially those that contain almond milk, fresh fruits, and chia seeds.

Immense health benefits to enjoy and discover


The wheat belly diet proposes that you eliminate wheat from your diet and especially from your breakfast. Why? According to the research in the field, wheat acts in a similar manner as a drug on the brain. Given its powerful effect on the brain, it should come as no surprise that it causes dependence, making us ingest more and more with every day that passes.

When you switch to this diet and eliminate wheat from your life, you will go through a period of withdrawal. After that, you will begin to lose weight and feel better from all points of view. The good news is that the wheat belly diet can help you lose visceral fat, which presents the highest risks for your health on a long-term basis.

So, if you are tired of being overweight and you want to return to a normal and healthy lifestyle, it is high time you gave the wheat belly diet a try. Allow yourself to make healthy eating choices and start with breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Watch the video below for more ideas on foods that will help your body detox naturally.