What Is Wheat Vs. Millet

What Is Wheat Vs. Millet

What is millet? It’s a type of grain incorporated into many global dishes that’s rising in popularity in the US, China, India and Ethiopia. Millets contain a lot of fiber, certainly more than wheat and white rice and also helps to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

When eating millet, people often find that they tend to eat slow and get full much quicker due to the fiber content. Millet does contain grains but it is gluten-free. Around the world, millet is widely used in dishes that have flatbreads, porridges, drinks, pillars and more. Because millet is a grain however, people on the paleo diet do avoid millet.

Wheat on the other hand is a cereal plant that is grown in many temperate countries. It is ground to make flour, bread, pasta, pastry and is a global staple food. Wheat is often controversial because it contains a protein called gluten which can often trigger some unwanted immune responses in predisposed individuals. But for people who can tolerate wheat and gluten, the whole-grain version of wheat can be a rich source of various antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Before going ahead and writing in stone or declaring to the world that you have a gluten allergy and deciding to go to the gluten-free life, there are a few things you’d first need to consider. But if however  it is confirmed and you do find yourself wheat and gluten intolerant, it’s better to stick to millet, or quinoa, or rice. Here are some millet recipes for you:

  1. Millet Croquettes

  2. Breakfast Bowl Millet

  3. Greek Stuffed Peppers

To find out the difference between eating millet or eating quinoa, check out this article. 

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