Tossing Tradition For A Healthier Twist

Tossing Tradition For A Healthier Twist


13 January 2017


Yee Sang or Yu Sheng is a unique dish that originated from South East Asia. It is described as an Asian salad with ingredients that denote meaning; the fish personifies abundance or excess, carrots are for good fortune, pomelo for luck and prosperity, sesame seeds for prosperity in business, lime for riches and safety, pepper for wishes fulfilled, peanuts for treasure, white radish for success, green radish for youthfulness, deep-fried crisps for a floor of gold. Oil is poured out circling the ingredients to symbolise wealth coming in from all directions, and sweet plum sauce is generously drizzled over the dish for a sweet life.

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While symbolically Yee Sang is an indicator of all good things to come, it is unfortunately not the best of dishes for your health as the traditional Yee Sang is made of unhealthy and processed ingredients. However, not many would want to miss out on indulging on this dish and the luck that it brings, so what’s the solution? A healthy Yee Sang, of course!

PurelyB and The Good Co. have joined forces to offer a much healthier, and even tastier Yee Sang. Curated by The Good Co. the ‘Healthy Prosperous Yee Sang’ is made of fresh all-natural ingredients; no artificial flavours, colours, additives, preservatives or refined sugar.

The ingredients for this healthy Yee Sang and their nutritional benefits are as follows:

Seabird Nest - Rich in enzyme nutrients, minerals, calcium, iron, multitude fibers and jelly form proteins
Pomelo – Rich in vitamin C and B
Purple Cabbage – High in potassium, vitamin C and A
Pear - High in vitamin C and dietary fiber
Young Papaya – Rich in antioxidants and vitamin B
Cucumber - Rich in potassium and vitamin K
Pickled Beetroot –High in Vitamin A and Potassium
Carrot- Rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, vitamin B8, pantothenic acid, folate, potassium, iron, copper, and manganese.
Daikon - Rich in Vitamin A,C, E & B-6.
Pickled Ginger – Contains magnesium and Vitamin B6.
The Good Co Granola – Rich source of mineral, dietary fiber along with proteins and carbohydrates
Corn Flakes – High in vitamin A, B and B12
Homemade Honey Plum Sauce – Rich in iron and vitamin C
5 Spice Powder - Rich in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B-complex, iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc and selenium.
Sarawak Pepper Powder – High in antioxidants

So if you’d like to have yourself a healthier Chinese New Year and indulge in a guilt-free lucky toss, the ‘Healthy Prosperous Yee Sang’ is the way to go.