The Superfood Herbal Supplement You’ll Want to Add to Your Wellness Routine

The Superfood Herbal Supplement You’ll Want to Add to Your Wellness Routine


28 May 2019


Recently, you may have come across Pegaga, also known as Gotu Kola or Centella Asiatica. It’s the shining star of the natural supplement world, and for good reason!

Pegaga (Gotu Kola), often referred to as the “miracle elixir of life,” possesses incredible healing powers alongside a long list of health benefits. Not only has it been used effectively for centuries in Asia to enhance, soothe, strengthen and cleanse the body for optimal health and beauty, but it also contains important vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

However, what was once a powerful traditional herb used for medicinal purposes in villages throughout Southeast Asia eventually became almost unknown to the modern generation, lost amongst western health influences and trends. But now, PurelyB is leading the charge on reconnecting the younger generation to their traditional roots with a unique new blend of healing Asian superfood herbs with Pegaga at the centre. 


Introducing Pegaga by PurelyB

It’s not often you get everyone from scientists to traditional herbalists enthusiastically agreeing on the benefits of a specific herb - until Pegaga by PurelyB. The new formulation of our popular traditional Asian superfood herbal blend, Pegaga by PurelyB, is bringing an ancient herbal recipe to wellness-minded consumers in a new, easy-to-consume way, making it simple to experience the positive changes these herbs can bring to their health and wellness routine.

Our superfood blend combines three of the most powerful plants of the tropics - Pegaga (Gotu Kola), turmeric and papaya leaves, and now, apples and dates - according to Oxbridge Medical Sciences professor, Dr Gerard Bodeker. Each of these ingredients already has amazing advantages on their own, but the combination of ensures that the benefits are effective and manifold, including boosted brain function and memory, enhanced digestion, improved skin repair and anti-ageing, and postnatal wellness.  And now, Pegaga by PurelyB is even easier to enjoy on the go with convenient single sachet packets that fit perfectly in your purse or gym bag.

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Used by bidan (traditional midwife) and rural women for centuries, these organic herbs are planted and harvested in remote villages in a specific manner to ensure optimal health benefits after consuption. PurelyB has retained traditional growing and harvesting practices, keeping the formula free from additives and chemicals of any kind to ensure the most natural state of these amazing herbs.


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Pegaga’s Amazing Health Benefits

With both proven science and centuries of use in ancient tradition, there’s no denying the benefits of these herbs, especially when combined.


Skin Repair & Anti-Ageing

Our antioxidant-rich blend enhances skin repair by reducing inflammation and skin irritation, while the essential amino and fatty acids improve circulation and collagen production needed for skin elasticity and anti-ageing. Pegaga by PurelyB also helps to accelerate wound healing, which is particularly helpful for women after C-sections or other surgeries.

Digestion, Gut Health & Weight Management

Fibre and papain, a digestive enzyme found in our formula, enhances the body’s ability to properly digest food, resulting in better digestion and a healthy gut. And the tannins, polyphenols and saponins contribute to weight loss by inhibiting lipases, increasing energy expenditure and decreasing LDL cholesterol.

Brain Function & Memory

The Pegaga in Pegaga by PurelyB has been shown to help strengthen brain function and memory by enhancing the activity of pathways associated with long-term memory formation. It has also been used as a natural alternative to slow down the progression of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Postnatal wellness

The combination of Pegaga (Gotu Kola), turmeric and papaya leaves aids in the healing and recovery process after birth, improves quality of breast milk, increases energy levels and helps with weight loss or maintenance after birth. For more postnatal success stories, click here.

How Pegaga by PurelyB is Improving Livelihoods

Our mission goes far beyond just improving the lives and nutrition of our customers and readers; PurelyB is committed to improving the livelihoods of struggling, marginalised communities, and preserving the herbal industry in Malaysia and Southeast Asia as well.

Farmers in the Northeastern region of Malaysia and the Southeastern region of Thailand are amongst the poorest in Asia, because of their lack of demand and inefficient agricultural methods. Additionally, these farmers face challenges when it comes to moving up the agricultural supply chain, and many times their value and knowledge is overlooked due to factors such as rising production costs.

PurelyB is proudly working directly with these farmers to give them full value for their products without working through the many layers of the supply chain. Working hand in hand with these producers, we’re able to bring you the best, highest-quality product while making a positive impact on undervalued communities.

To find out more about these amazing traditional Asian superfood herbs, and how to order this limited edition product, click here.