Raw With Chef Yin - Uncooking in Singapore

Raw With Chef Yin - Uncooking in Singapore


13 February 2017


What happens when you put three raw food chefs together in one big kitchen? You Tur-nip the Beet, have a Raw-ring time with high-pies all around - Kale Yeah!!

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Ok, so I admit that was kinda lame. But my Uncooking session with Chef Sabrina and Chef Patricia was far from any kind of corny-ness. :)

I was recently in Singapore to conduct an introductory workshop to raw vegan food, thanks to the invitation of Real Food South Beach. It was a really popular workshop and I was pleasantly surprised we had a full turnout!

Since I was already in town, I thought it’d be a great chance to meet up with other graduates of the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy who are based in Singapore. Sabrina has just launched Straits Road Kitchen which is an online sanctuary dedicated to creative, healthy and inspired plant-based wellness. Their mission is to celebrate cultures, ‘cre-educate’ and connect people through delicious, high vitality and healing foods. Patricia also has an online presence called Green and Fiesta which is all about celebrating life through beautiful food. Do check out her recipes here which are all focused on plant-based whole foods for you and your loved ones.

We agreed to meet for lunch and the best thing was, we were going to create a lunch together! Something we had never done before together but I thought it’d be fun to do so. Sabrina suggested a Valentine’s Day theme. She shared with us her ideas of perhaps red blood, red tonics, or aphrodisiac foods. And that we could possibly look into preparing a 3-course meal featuring red and aphrodisiac ingredients.

Some of her brilliant suggestions included:

  • Red velvet smoothie with beet & hawthorn berries
  • Living borscht
  • Watermelon gazpacho
  • Beetroot ravioli with cheese
  • Beetroot hummus & salad
  • Raw molten lava cake

She even thought about possible aphrodisiac herbs such as:

  • Cacao
  • Maca
  • Ginseng
  • Saffron
  • Sesame (especially black sesame)
  • Shatavari
  • Asparagus
  • Vanilla

It was lots of fun exploring ideas and discussing recipes and in the end we came up with a lovely plant-based 3-course meal based on what we had at hand to work with.

Presenting our vegan, mostly raw menu with a strong Valentine’s Day Theme:

Living Red Velvet Borscht, Pineapple Cauliflower Quinoa Boats & Raw Molten Lava Cake


If you’d like to try out the Living Red Velvet Borscht, you’re in luck. Sabrina has written out the recipe here. It’s basically the juice of carrots, celery, beetroot plus avocado with a drizzle of coconut yoghurt. Do tag us if you’re making it. We’d love to check it out and like your photos.

Patricia confessed her love love love (yes, you need to say it thrice, she loves it that much) for pineapples and offered to create a semi-raw cauliflower and quinoa rice main course inspired by one of her favourite Thai dishes - Pineapple Fried Rice. I enjoyed watching her make beautiful pineapple boats from a fresh pineapple. Even her raw cauliflower "rice" was totally made from scratch, with just a knife and chopping board. I was amazed by her dedication as I would have just popped the cauliflower into the Thermomix and processed it. After dehydrating the cauliflower rice, it was mixed with cooked red quinoa, raw french beans, and raw cherry tomatoes. She effectively seasoned the dish with salt, pepper and olive oil and proceeded to garnish it with coriander and chopped pistachios. It was both beautiful and delicious!

At one point in my life, molten lava cakes were all the rage and I would have them every time I ate out. So I was elated that we were going to make a raw version instead! Sabrina described the process very succinctly on her Instagram post: Hide a piece of raw chocolate in the center of a brownie, over here we made raw hazelnut, date and avocado brownies. Place the brownies in the dehydrator for 30 minutes or so to warm up. The results far outweigh the effort. This is an easy raw dessert idea for friendship/Valentines day.

My Valentine’s idea is to make Brownie Hearts using a heart-shaped cookie cutter. You can also decorate them with pink swirls using a glaze made from pink dragon fruit, cashew flour and maple syrup.

If you’re wondering how one makes raw brownies, here’s a pretty cool video by Deliciously Ella on how to make a simple raw brownie with just three ingredients. Or if you’d like to learn how to make it in person, come join my upcoming raw food workshop on 19 February at the ILOHA Culture Centre where you’ll get to participate in a hands-on workshop to make not only brownies but also raw vegan ice cream. In fact, not just one flavour but three flavours including my popular Salted Pistachio Ice Cream. I promise you we won’t use any frozen bananas to make them - those recipes just don’t cut it for me. Registration details can be found here.

Here’s wishing you a Valentine’s Day that’s filled with living food, raw goodies and guilt-free indulgence!