PurelyB x Happy Fresh Join Forces To Make Eating Healthily Easier

PurelyB x Happy Fresh Join Forces To Make Eating Healthily Easier


27 September 2016


Eat more fruit and veg, cut down on your sugar intake, avoid unhealthy food – we all know the fundamentals of healthy eating. After all, you don’t need to be a dietician or a healthcare practitioner to know that some foods and eating habits are just plain BAD for you.

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Old habits die hard though, and sometimes you tell yourself that having some of this or some of that surely can’t be too detrimental to your health. Well, guess what? They can be!

How often have we reached out for another slice of cake, ‘just one more’ cookie, another piece of fried chicken or another helping of that oh-so-delicious plate of piping hot char kuey teow? And before you gasp in horror at the idea of having to give all these bad goodies (oxymoron?) up, we’ve got news for you – you don’t have to.

Making drastic changes to your eating habits is probably not something that will stick in the long run so the idea is to make gradual and conscious decisions. As we’ve often stressed upon – moderation is key!

So what’s one to do? Well, you can start by upping your intake of the good stuff. Load up on fresh fruit and veg for a start. These will not only provide you with vitamins and minerals, but will also help you with your daily fibre intake. And instead of eating out, prepare your own quick, easy and healthy meals. Yes, these are delicious too!

And before you start with the ‘I’m too busy ‘ excuse, we’ve got something that will make your life a whole lot easier (and healthier).

PurelyB x Happy Fresh

PurelyB and Happy Fresh have joined forces to make eating healthily easier and more accessible to you! Our fitness and nutrition experts Carina Lipold and Marissa Parry have created 7-Day meal plans for you – the busy professional, busy mums and also for those of you who simply want to eat clean. These meal plans come complete with quick easy-to-follow recipes so even if you’re a novice in the kitchen – no excuses!

As for your groceries, Happy Fresh has got you covered. Grocery shopping has never been easier as Happy Fresh can have your groceries delivered to you within the hour! You also have the option of choosing a delivery time that is convenient for you. Just visit www.happyfresh.com for a stress-free, no-sitting-in-traffic shopping experience.

For more information, visit happynutrition.happyfresh.my

PurelyB’s Health and Wellness Director, Marissa Parry spoke with social influencers and bloggers, Nana and Bella Kuan and Frankitas Accessories Owner, Franki about what their favourite indulgences were and how they can eat healthier.

Watch this video to find out more: