PurelyB - 21 Days

PurelyB - 21 Days


5 May 2017


Working out is a good thing. Whether you go to the gym or do yoga or take a 20-minute walk each day, they all count as some form of physical activity and thus contributing to your fitness.

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Is what you’re doing enough though? Would a personal trainer benefit you and get you in shape faster than you could do it on your own?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of engaging the services of a personal trainer, here are a few reasons why you may want to go ahead with it.

Getting Started
Perhaps you’ve decided that you need to lose weight or get fitter, and part of that process is working out. Knowing where and how to start can be overwhelming though. Should you do cardio? Or perhaps start with yoga to gain strength and flexibility? Or maybe you should incorporate all of them!

A personal trainer can cut out all the uncertainty by discussing your goals with you and coming up with a personalised programme for you – thus eliminating the headache of having to figure it out yourself.

No More Results
You’ve been working out for some time now but it seems that you’ve hit a wall when it comes to results. You no longer see or feel the difference when it comes to your workouts.

Getting comfortable with a routine means that you may not be challenging your body enough and a trainer can certainly help with that. A personal trainer can help to develop new routines and introduce new movements that will shake things up and get you excited about working out again.

Am I Doing It Right?
All you need to do is visit YouTube to access a variety of workout videos. However, while you may think you’re executing the move just as the instructor in the video is, you may be doing it wrong thus potentially hurting yourself.

With a personal trainer by your side and keeping a close eye on you, the chances of you injuring yourself are minimised. Your trainer will demonstrate and also lead you through the movements so that you’re able to do them properly and safely.

Learning To DIY
If your idea of the ideal workout session is doing it in solitude then a personal trainer may not be at the top of your list. However, engaging the services of one to help you get started may be a good thing. You’ll learn the basics, tips on how to do it better and more efficiently, and basically walk away with more know-how on how to better reach your goals - then you can do it yourself.

Averse To Gyms
Being around other sweaty people doesn’t appeal to you, nor does working out with strangers. If this applies to you, then a personal trainer is the way to go. A trainer can bring it all (almost!) to you as most of them have their own equipment that can easily be brought to your home. If you have a gym at home, even better!

Personalised Service
If you have an injury or a medical condition that you need to be careful with, your personal trainer would be able to help you come up with an exercise routine that won’t make the condition worse. Of course, you should always check with your doctor before embarking on any activity should you have a pre-existing condition.

Push It!
Sometimes you need someone to motivate you to push your boundaries. It is all too easy to tell yourself that 15-minutes of running on the treadmill should suffice for the day! Or even to tell yourself that skipping the workout today is okay.

Your personal trainer will make sure that you don’t slack, and having an appointment with someone will more likely mean that you will get your workout done. After all, since you’re paying for the session, you better do it and you better do it right!


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