Pegaga (Gotu Kola)—The Herbal Supplement Everyone’s Talking About

Pegaga (Gotu Kola)—The Herbal Supplement Everyone’s Talking About


25 March 2019


What was once a typical raw ingredient used in local dishes, has now become a stellar performer in the natural supplement arena. Pegaga, as it is known here, has been used effectively for centuries to enhance, soothe, strengthen and cleanse.

It’s not often you get everyone from scientists to traditional herbalists enthusiastically agreeing on the benefits of a specific herb; but with Pegaga, this is exactly what is happening. Also known as Gotu Kola and Centella Asiatica, this unassuming plant possesses a plethora of uses and has insignificant side effects. It can be eaten fresh, in capsules or ground into a powder and added to food and drinks.

Pegaga by PurelyB

                                             Original Pegaga Sales Page Front 1PurelyB’s ethos has always been about wellness, maintaining good health as naturally as possible, and encouraging nutritional prevention. By consuming wholesome food and supplements, we can keep illness at bay, strengthen immunity and soothe existing symptoms. We’re passionate about Pegaga because we truly believe in its benefits. This ancient recipe has been consumed and successfully passed down through the generations and is particularly beneficial for women’s health from wound healing to accelerating recovery after giving birth. 

Our ‘Superfood’ blend comprises three powerful tropical plants – Pegaga, turmeric and papaya leaves. Each of these already has amazing advantages so the combination of all three ensures that the benefits are effective and manifold. Used by bidan (traditional midwife) and rural women for centuries, these organic herbs are planted and harvested in remote villages. PurelyB has kept the formula free from additives and chemicals of any kind to ensure the most natural form of this blend. Its properties are far reaching, and most people use it for brain and memory boosting, improving digestion, wound healing, scar prevention and for its anti-aging properties.

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Benefits of Pegaga by PurelyB

By combining Pegaga, turmeric and papaya leaves, this natural blend offers consumers a host of proven and effective benefits.

Postnatal wellness: aids in the healing and recovery process after birth, improves quality of breast milk, increases energy levels and helps with weight loss

Wound healing: accelerates the healing process and is particularly helpful for women after a C-section

Brain function and memory: ‘enhances the activity of a pathway associated with long-term memory formation’, and has been used as a natural alternative to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s

Skin repair and anti-ageing: antioxidants reduce inflammation and calms skin irritation. Also contains amino and fatty acids that help improve circulation and increase collagen, which is needed for elasticity

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Improves the immune systems: due to its high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients Pegaga by PurelyB works on the immune system via the gut. Once your gut & digestion is strong, your immune levels will be optimal which helps to fight against foreign viruses, bacteria including keeping your first line of defence powerful against illnesses like COVID19

Aids in digestion in burns fat: the tannin, polyphenols and saponin present in papaya leaves contribute to weight loss by inhibiting lipases, increasing energy expenditure and decreasing LDL cholesterol

Helps to heal post illness: aids in healing and rebuilding of the digestion & immunity as well as to bring the body back to homeostasis after the period of disruption from COVID19 or any other ailment. You’ll also experience increased energy levels.


Can anyone take Pegaga by PurelyB?

Absolutely! The wonderful thing about consuming Pegaga by PurelyB is that they are made solely with plants – no additives of any kind. The point is to harness the amazing natural properties of the three ingredients. For example, children can take it to improve memory and mental focus, women can take it post-partum to speed up the healing process and anyone with digestive or immunity issues can take it to improve overall health.

In this age of natural healing, clean eating and new health trends appearing almost monthly, it can be overwhelming when choosing a product / supplement that works for you. We spoke to people who tried Pegaga by PurelyB and who truly believe in it based on results. From the mum who took it after a C-section to the new mum whose radiant skin post-pregnancy is proof that this herbal blend is safe and effective.

How to consume

  • Mix 1 tablespoon into a warm drink or with lemon and honey – drink this twice daily
  • Add to smoothies, fresh juice; sprinkle on cereal, yoghurt or your favourite healthy dessert
  • Mix with warm water and let it steep for 10 minutes before drinking

It is advisable to only mix Pegaga by PurelyB with natural ingredients to ensure the effectiveness of the herbs.

Improving livelihoods

A product like Pegaga by PurelyB requires a great deal of effort to produce. PurelyB works directly with farmers in northeast Malaysia and southeast Thailand, which are some of the poorest in the region due to lack of demand, inefficient farming methods, adverse weather conditions and being at the bottom of the agricultural value chain. By taking out the middlemen, PurelyB is able to get the best product and contribute directly to improve the livelihoods of these farmers, many of whom are women.

Pegaga by PurelyB is now available for sale online now. Read up on the many benefits, watch the testimonials, listen to the experts and try it for yourself!




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