Liver la Vida Loca: 5 Insane Things You Don't Know About Your Liver

Liver la Vida Loca: 5 Insane Things You Don't Know About Your Liver


5 February 2021


Lockdown is again, upon us. Before you burst into different tiers of frustration, slow down and take a moment to realise that this is actually the only time we have to connect with ourselves and understand our body. 

We thought you may like some interesting facts about one of the most important organs – the one that reboots your system and get rid of all the harmful substances from your body everyday – the liver.


1. Our liver can grow back

Regrettably, one of the most useful information we learnt in school is also one that we have forgotten, if not often overlooked, in adulthood – the liver is a regenerative organ. 

That’s right. In fact, the liver is the most regenerative organ that is capable of significant regrowth following injury. In other words, when we damage our liver by drinking too little water and too much alcohol, over-stressing about work, family life, finances, missing parcels and slow waiters, the poor overworked liver can keep calm and heal itself. Even better news, when it is damaged beyond repair, we can resort to surgical procedures and get a liver transplant. 


2. Our liver is huge

Our liver sits at the right side of the body, just under our rib cage. A wedge-shaped organ, a liver can weigh as much as 1.5kg1. Have you seen the Revenant, where the savagely hungry Leonardo DiCaprio devoured the liver of a bixen? Well, that paints the picture. 


3. Liver disease can be silent for a very long time

When the liver is disturbed, it can cause a lot of life-threatening problems. Liver disease can be silent for a very long time and our body can be significantly damaged without us knowing or knowing too late. Some of the warning signs include exhaustion, itchy skin, swelling in the belly, dark urine, confusion, weight loss, or yellowing of the eyes or skin2.

As dull as this may sound, we should see the doctor for a blood test annually to sense-check our health.

liver problems

4. Drinking less alcohol is not the only way to prevent liver damage 

As any mother would say, “drinking alcohol is not good for your liver”. However, drinking less alcohol is not the only way to prevent liver damage. It would not make sense when one drinks less alcohol but continues to eat food that high in salt, sugar and trans-fat, mismanages stress level, smokes and consumes drugs3. The key is to improve your lifestyle by being more active, have a balanced diet and quality rest.


5. There is no scientific proof that detox diets or "cleanses" work.

Believe it or not, there is no scientific proof that juice fasts and detox diets really benefit a person’s health. The media these days put a lot of emphasis on “detoxing”, which is a practice of removing toxic or harmful substances from our body. However, it is unclear if this practice really works and whether these celebrity-endorsed therapies are as healthy as they may seem.

The truth is – if our livers and kidneys are healthy, they do a great job of cleansing our body on a daily basis. There is no need for overpriced fruit juice and abstaining yourself from a delicious meal. 


So, how do we take care of our liver?

Balanced diet, regular exercise, less alcohol and optimal sleep can all help the liver.

Taking supplements can also be an ideal option because it is unrealistic to expect ourselves to always choose food that can help protect and nourish our liver. 

BiO-LiFE Livasil is a supplement that protects and nourishes the liver. It is Halal certified and approved by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia. 

It works because it contains high volume of milk thistle extract, which is a natural ingredient traditionally and widely used in Europe and China to improve function of the liver and is suitable for vegetarian.

Livasil KV 01 1


Silybin found in BiO-LiFE Livasil is an antioxidant that can scavenge free radicals and inhibit lipid peroxidation. It helps in detoxification by blocking the release and reabsorption of foreign substances. 

Silybin also enhances protein synthesis, which stimulates the regeneration and repair of liver cells. 

All in all, there is no reason why we should not take care of our liver. 

In 2021, we encourage you to set realistic goals, that is sleeping enough, eating moderately and managing your stress levels with an open mind. 

BiO-LiFE Livasil is what many would see as a bonus, because let’s be real - taking a capsule of it is easier than saying no to Friday-night drinks or suppers. 

Be a fighter for your health. Be a Live-r!


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