Healthy Versions Of Your Favourite Asian Dishes That Will Satisfy All Your Cravings

Healthy Versions Of Your Favourite Asian Dishes That Will Satisfy All Your Cravings


9 March 2018


Modern Asian dishes, although undeniably delicious, often leave us feeling bloated and unhealthy with its skyrocketing sodium count and use of other unwanted processed ingredients. Sure, it’s easy to say “ditch this dish” but as a region made up of foodies, we all know how hard it is when you crave something you can’t have.

So instead of trying to completely cut out the dishes you love, why not substitute it with a healthier alternative? In most cases these dishes even have higher nutritional value.

Eating out is a convenience, but cooking your own dishes is always a healthier choice as you know what exactly what’s going in your food. We’ve rounded up recipes of all our Asian favourites that are so delicious and easy to make, you’ll think twice about ordering out when the cravings kick in.


Healthy “Nasi” Goreng

Instead of using plain white rice, a simple refined carbohydrate which can make it heard to lose weight, this recipe uses cauliflower instead. Play around with different ingredients as well — swap cauliflower for quinoa or millet to create different versions of your beloved “nasi” goreng.


Healthy Char Kuey Teow

kueyteow.png copy

Char Kuey Teow is seriously scrumptious, but not the healthiest option out there, so what’s better than having it healthy too? Yes you heard right, healthy char kuey teow — give this recipe a go!


Healthy Curry Mee

Making your own curry mee at home is easier than you think! This is gluten-free, vegan curry mee packs in the flavour and is a great comforting dish for a cold day.

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