Celebrate The Mid-Autumn Festival With Healthy Mooncakes!

Celebrate The Mid-Autumn Festival With Healthy Mooncakes!


6 September 2016


With the festive vibes of the Mid-Autumn Festival in full swing, family and friends will soon gather to rejoice and give thanks for a harmonious life as they appreciate the spectacular beauty of a full moon at its brightest. A lovely sight awaits as children celebrate with bright, colourful lanterns.

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Mooncakes, a popular delicacy during this festival has evolved over the years in terms of flavours and taste to cater to the palates of both young and old. This year, BMS Organics introduces a symphony of heart-warming traditional favourites and contemporary delights handcrafted using all-natural, organic ingredients, free from artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives. Plus, these exquisite treats are sugar-free!

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in a healthy way this year - you can keep the traditions alive and still enjoy your mooncakes in a mindful way. Simply select four (4) pieces from these six healthy and scrumptious flavours and relish in this season of opulence, beauty, style and grace.

Pure Lotus

This traditional, all-time favourite mooncake filling is crafted with high quality lotus seeds. Considered as the most luxurious filling in the Dynasty ages due to its premium price back then, lotus seed paste remains the lifeline of mooncakes till this day! Pair this dainty treats with hot, fragrant teas for an anytime-of-the-day delight!

Bamboo Charcoal Black Sesame

The aromatic black sesame is packed with calcium and iron known to strengthen the bones and teeth, and to increase the oxygen-carrying red blood cells in our body. The strong, bold and trendy black outer layer is crafted from bamboo charcoal, an ingredient that has creatively found its way into many confectionary creations. Bamboo charcoal has proven to help reduce bloating and flatulence and contains detoxifying properties. This strikingly aesthetic treat and exquisite blend is sure to wow your tastebuds!

Green Balance Macha Red Bean

The pleasing-to-the-eye mild green exterior is derived from the antioxidant-rich and metabolic rate-boosting green tea. Rich in natural chlorophyll, wheat grass helps in replenishing blood and cleansing, while its active enzymes provide digestion and detoxification benefits. This is delicately balanced with the subtle sweetness and smooth texture from red beans making this a delectable treat!

Pink Lady 10 Grain Beetroot

This outer layer of this pastel pink gem derives its natural hues from beetroot juices. The 10 Grains here refer to a mixture of ten types of natural, unrefined, nutritious grains, beans and nuts; namely buckwheat, mung bean, black rice, red lentil, black soya beans, soya beans, red sorghum, wheat berries, barley and pine nuts. Beetroot is a good dietary source of iron and folic acid which helps to increase blood count, promote healthy blood circulation, relieve menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms, and even gives one a naturally rosy skin complexion. This combination with oat milk and lotus seed paste fillings will leave you in feeling in the pink of health!

Pure Lotus with Yolk

This gold coated delicacy is filled with pure lotus seed paste fused with a salted, aromatic single yolk. This all-time favourite with an indulgent sweet-salty combination is sure to hit the right notes in splendour and taste!

Mixed Nuts Delight

This super nutty delight is sure to satisfy the palates of both the young and old. A tasty way to consume a whole packful of fiber and healthy fats from walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts complemented with winter melon, dried tangerine and white sesame - this exquisite flavour will leave a crunchy aftertaste lingering on your palate!

All-natural and Organic Main Ingredients

With a very low glycemic index of 2 (sugar is 65), isomalt is suitable for those with diabetes. It provides excellent taste and a smooth mouthfeel with half the sweetness of regular sugar (sucrose), lesser calories and a reduced effect on blood glucose levels compared to sucrose. As a sugar alcohol (though it does not contain alcohol) derived from plants, it cannot be broken down by oral bacteria thus preventing tooth decay.

The organic unbleached plain flour is free from bleaching and additives, produced through traditional-style stone milling process which helps retain the benefits of grain enzymes and nutrients. Himalayan salt contains high and healthy content of minerals and trace elements.

Beautifully presented in a gift box depicting a traditional Oriental scene with a vivid blend of colours and bringing forth the elegance of this timeless tradition, this makes an ideal gift loved ones, friends, colleagues, business associates alike.

As always, enjoy in moderation!

PurelyB wishes our Chinese readers a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!