Backed Up? 7 Natural Constipation Remedies To The Rescue!

Backed Up? 7 Natural Constipation Remedies To The Rescue!


14 February 2017


When it comes to your health, your entire body plays a role and this includes your digestive system too. What you consume is absorbed into your system and is also disposed. The problem however, arises when you aren't able to dispose efficiently, ie constipation.

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Constipation is caused by many different reasons but there are some easy methods to ensure this doesn't happen to you, or if it does, it can be solved fairly easily. Here's where laxatives come into the picture, and I don't mean the kind you get at the pharmacy. I'm all for the natural type of laxatives!

Drugstore laxatives may have negative effects especially when consumed too much, which is called laxative abuse. This is a dangerous weight loss idea that leads to dangerous levels of dehydration and damaging your system. Give these pills a skip, and try these natural laxative foods instead, as they not only help you with no side effects, but also add on to the nutrition your body receives.


Packed with potassium goodness, bananas are also rich in fibre. Do keep in mind it has to be a ripe banana, as the unripened ones contribute to further constipation. Ripe bananas help restore electrolytes to your intestinal tract as well as helps with the growth of the good bacteria your intestines need.


‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is a statement that rings true when it comes to this matter. With all the protein and vitamins the apple provides, there's no wonder why this fruit is one that is encouraged to be consumed for most health purposes. The pectin in apples works as a firming agent that also encourages regular and normal bowel movement. If you'd like to give the fruit a skip, apple juice also has the same benefits for constipation.


Probably deemed one of the most popular and widely known natural laxatives, prunes have proven time and time again to work wonders. With fibre and good bacteria in each prune, it only takes a few prunes to get your bowel movement back on track. Prune juice works too. Taking a few prunes daily helps your system run smoothly on a regular basis.

Aloe Vera

With its many benefits for beauty and health, it’s no wonder that aloe vera can help with this problem too. A little slice of aloe vera is filled with nutrients and vitamins that work as a digestive booster. You can slice up pieces of aloe vera to add to your daily water intake, with juice, or even alternatively raw on its own (though it may not taste great, based on personal experience). Whichever way you choose to consume it, know that you’ll reap the benefits.

Coconut Water

Not only does it taste amazing and helps your body cool down, it also helps to improve your digestive system. However do not consume too much of it as it can also cause loose stools. Remember, everything in moderation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you don't have apples or are looking for a faster alternative, here's where apple cider vinegar comes in. This concoction is made from raw apples, with an ability to get rid of toxins in your whole body while encouraging growth of good live bacteria in your digestive tract.


Berries come in many varieties (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries to name a few) and what we love about them is how versatile they are when it comes to their benefits. Due to berries being high in antioxidants, they clean your colon and encourage efficient digestion. You can just pop a few in your mouth as a snack, add them to your yoghurt, or even infuse them in your water. That way you not only get your berry intake, you also have tastier water too.