A Natural And Effective Cough Remedy - Steamed Orange With Salt

A Natural And Effective Cough Remedy - Steamed Orange With Salt

Like most of you, we find ourselves at home and want to make sure the health of ourselves and our family is not compromised during these times. As many of you know, we’ve been proponents of natural herbs, ingredients and DIYs for a long time now, and today is no different. 

We’d like to take our love for simple powerful ingredients and DIY - to the next level! At this level, we turn what’s available in our homes that’s natural and safe into remedies, concoctions and tonics that really help you with common ailments like the cough, flu, constipation, as well as help to boost immunity. Because although antibiotics could be used as a fast cure option, there’s more damage than good done in the long term. 

Today, we’ll be sharing with you our Co-Founder Stephanie’s very own cough remedy - Steamed Orange With Salt. It’s proven to work like a charm  - putting her and her family to sleep through the night, where they wake up feeling less congested (the citrus worked like an expectorant), their throats eased up and within 2-3 days they were back to good shape. The best thing is arguably the taste - for both parents and the kids. 

So what are some common ailments & health related concerns you have now? Is it immunity? Or an eternally running cold? Instead of quick-fixing them, how about looking at the natural route to see if there is a safe alternative for you - that’s currently sitting in your kitchen. Now that we’re all home anyway, let’s give it a try with this Steamed Orange

Recipe: Steamed Orange With Salt



      • 1 orange per person
      • Himalayan salt


      • Soak the orange in salt water for 20 minutes.
      • Slice the top of the orange (about 2 cm from the top) to resemble a cap or cover.
      • Poke a fork through to make multiple holes in the top of the orange.
      • Sprinkle about ½ to 1 teaspoon of salt over and allow it to dissolve and seep into the orange.
      • Cover the orange with its top. Put the orange into an empty bowl.
      • Place it in a steamer for 15 to 20 minutes.
      • Serve warm - peel the orange (the skin will come off easily), eat the flesh and drink the juice that collects in the bowl.


Who would have known that a juicy vitamin-C filled orange could actually turn into something that helps with cough right? We have a ton other remedies that you can whip up straight from the comforts of your kitchen and home. So if you’d like to find out more remedies you can easily whip up - for immunity,  fevers, the flu, constipation, etc. check out Natural Home Pharmacy - it’s an online program created by leading Naturopath Amanda Teh that’s got 30 simple videos that shares 30 remedies for you to put together - to transform your health in a safe and natural way.