6 Oat Recipes To Try - They’re The Most Powerful Grains On Earth!

6 Oat Recipes To Try - They’re The Most Powerful Grains On Earth!

Oats - they’re simple but oh so powerful. Truth be told, oats are among the healthiest grains on the earth. They’re a gluten-free whole grain and a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

People around the world use oats as a staple - they’re easy to cook, healthy & you can make them in many ways. There is also the taste factor - oats are delicious! So if you’ve not begun incorporating oats into your daily diet, now is a great time to start - for you and the family. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to make, we’re here for you with some simple, quick & delicious recipes to love - for you & the kids. If this is your first experience with oats & are wondering what kind to use, here are two high quality & deliciously flavoured oats to choose from - Banana & Dark Chocolate as well as Coconut & Apple. 


6 Recipes:

  1. Coconut Mango Overnight Oats - think of a breakfast that has creamy oats, juicy mangos and delicious coconut & superfood Pegaga by PurelyB. Delicious is a definite, but the recipe will also enhance your digestion & detoxification, build your immunity & skin health, flush out toxins & your digestive tract! Your family will thank you for this one.

  2. Energy Balls - healthy munchies alert! Great for pre-workout or in between meals. It’s got that sweet, nutty, chocolatey & salty taste you crave for, without compromising nutritional value. Some ingredients include oatmeal, almond meal, flax and virgin coconut oil

  3. Creamy Banana Smoothie - perfect for everyone, especially breastfeeding moms because the nutrition here will also benefit your baby! And we’ve never met anyone who doesn't like a creamy texture. With just a handful of ingredients required (oats, banana, flaxseeds, yogurt, oat milk & honey (optional)), get ready to gulp this up pretty quickly.

  4. Anis Nabilah’s Overnight Oats - when a busy international celebrity chef shares her own personal recipe with you, you take note. It’s got chia seeds, dates and cinnamon with the option of adding superfood Pegaga by PurelyB if you’d like even more health benefits!

  5. Miso Oatmeal - you haven't read that wrong - oatmeal may be associated with savory ingredients like banana or chocolate but as a whole grain, it can also be used to replace other grains like rice & quinoa. This recipe can serve you as a lunch or even dinner item!

  6. Blueberry Breakfast Jar - Overnight Oats - perfect breakfast loaded with blueberries, antioxidants and fiber that will help calm-inducing hormones to unleash. You can also add honey, almonds, carob nibs, fruit or anything else your heart desires!

To get your hands on some delicious oats to use in one of these recipes or to simply mix with water or milk (or milk alternative), have your pick of flavour - Coconut & Apple or Banana & Chocolate - with limited stocks available!




 Yup, plenty of oat options for you to kickstart your oat journey - your belly will thank you later! Enjoy the oats!