6 Natural Remedies To Make From Regular Kitchen Ingredients

6 Natural Remedies To Make From Regular Kitchen Ingredients

Chances are you’re starting to get really creative with what’s in your kitchen. Maybe you’ve started using ingredients previously unbeknownst. Or perhaps you’re limiting visits to the grocery store and also want to order less take away just to be on the safe side. We’re all on the same boat - but this doesn’t have to mean a compromise on nutrition. 

Today, we’re looking at ways to boost health - in the form of prevention, management and cure without the nasty side effects. We’ll do this by using simple ingredients already in your kitchen. Our guide is Amanda Teh, renowned certified Naturopath and creator of Natural Home Pharmacy (NHP). Amanda is a member of the National Herbalist Australia Association and her interests are in herbal medicine, nutrition, flower remedy and iridology - all useful right now.

Today, let’s look at a few ways to whip up natural remedies to benefit the body. We want you to use these things not only to cure common ailments like constipation, the flu and cough, and boost immunity but also as a preventative measure during COVID-19. Because going to see a doctor right now isn’t the most ideal thing to do - for many reasons. So stay in good health; Here are a few ways to do so:

  1. Natural immune booster - It is wildly important to keep virus infections such as the common cold and flu at bay. We need to rely on our own immune system to do the healing. Things that provide this boost to the immunity are garlic, echinaceae, oregano. What about ingredients that are specifically antibacterial and antifungal? These would include oregano oil, Kelulut Honey, echinacea and garlic. 

  2. Natural energy boosters - and no, we don’t mean load up on coffee. Instead, stay away from having more than a cup a day. If you’re overwhelmed and are tired, try these herbs instead - they are adaptogens, and help you cope with mental and physical stress: ginseng, astragalus, peppermint or maca.

  3. Natural diarrhea remedy - an OTC that comes to mind is lomotil but we want you to go the natural route, of course. Try our banana applesauce with ginger recipe - mash the bananas, add in some apple sauce and mix slices of ginger - keep it cool in the fridge and consume when you’re ready. It will stop the runners for sure.

  4. Natural cough remedy -  this will soothe your throat; take a red onion (not yellow) and slice it up. Heat up some Kelulut honey and add your onions into the mixture over low fire for 30 minutes. Take your mixture and keep it in the fridge (you can store it for up to three months).

  5. Natural lung tonic - whether you're experiencing some respiratory discomforts, or simply want to ensure your lungs are always at peak performance, nature has provided a number of herbs and botanicals that provide deep nutrition for the respiratory system such as eucalyptus, oregano and cordyceps. These herbs help to break up and expel chest congestion, and also open up your chest and help you to breath better.

  6. Natural antidepressant - Medications and counseling are conventional ways to alleviate the symptoms of depression, but often most medications also have a lot of unwanted side effects. Recent research suggests that some herbs are actually useful in treating mild-to-moderate depression such as St. John’s wort, chamomile, lavender and saffron. These are the herbs that help to relieve anxiety, but some of them also promote better sleep. Depression is a treatable illness, but an individual may need to try a few different options when working out which treatment is most effective.

If these natural remedies are of interest to you and you want to enjoy direct access to Amanda Teh to pick her brain on how best to care for your family, listen up. With NHP, you’ll also learn about how to make more remedies using simple affordable ingredients. Currently at RM19, you will receive thirty step-by-step videos guided by Amanda on how to prevent, cure and treat common ailments like cold and flu, constipation and diarrhea, boost immunity, keep your lungs strong, and much more. And with this price, you’ll get LIFETIME access!

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