6 Healthy Kitchen Hacks Everyone Should Know

6 Healthy Kitchen Hacks Everyone Should Know


12 April 2016


I know we can't always spend copious amounts of time in the kitchen. For most of us, we have so much going on with work, family and daily obligations - and yet, we want healthy meals. How to solve this conundrum?

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Well, here are six healthy kitchen hacks that we’ve put together to make your life easier!

5-minute morning smoothies!

Okay, so this requires a bit of prep beforehand. I know mornings can be a madhouse but what if you still want a yummy, healthy morning smoothie but just don’t have the time to peel and cut all the ingredients in the precious morning hours? Well, pre-cut a week’s worth of ingredients on Sunday and freeze them in individual zip lock bags for each day. Here’s a list of fruits and vegetables and how they react to being frozen. Now all you have to do in the morning is pop the pre-cut fruit/veg in the blender/juicer, add any extra powders and you’re good to go!

Prep your snacks

Snacking without awareness can really make you put on the pounds. Instead, prep all the healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables and store them in your fridge at eye level so you have something to eat when you’ve got the munchies. You have no excuses to not snack healthily if they’re prepped and ready for you.

Have a few go-to healthy recipes

Planning a whole meal can take up a lot of time, a luxury we might not always have. Instead have a few go-to healthy recipes that you can whip up when you’re short on time. In fact if you have the ingredients at home too it will make it even easier. This can really be a huge time saver!

Plan leftovers

Sure we might want each meal to be a gourmet meal unlike any other, alas who has the time for that? Instead cook a bigger portion so that you don’t have to cook each day. Some recipes even allow for the food to be frozen for long periods of time so you won’t have to eat the same thing for several consecutive days!

Batch roast your veggies

Roasting vegetables can take up a lot of time (and oven space). Why not batch roast them ahead of time? You can store these pre-cooked vegetables in the fridge and toss them in salads, your morning omelette or as a side dish. These also serve as a healthy snack.

Plan your meals

This simple step will give you a clear idea of what to expect for the week. You won’t believe how much headspace meal planning can take up. But if you set aside 30 minutes on a Sunday to plan your week’s meal you won’t ever have to worry about what to eat again. This will also allow you to plan your healthy meals and not just have to ‘make do’ with whatever’s in the pantry.

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