6 Foods To Keep Your Hormones In Check

6 Foods To Keep Your Hormones In Check


23 February 2017


Great skin, a healthy body, and feeling good all can be achieved with balanced hormones. Like most things in life, this is something you'll need to work at however can be done quite easily. There are many ways out there to balance the hormones including medication, but we prefer the more natural approach - with food.

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You are what you eat, and what you consume is what helps your body and hormones, which in turn control your energy levels, digestive system, metabolism rate, mood as well as your skin condition. Want to get the most of your meal? We've got a list of the best hormone-balancing foods that you absolutely need to try out.


This creamy fruit is not only a delicious addition to your meals but also packed with healthy fats to ensure your body is able to absorb and utilise all the nutrients provided. Rich in a number of vitamins as well as full of fibre and folic acids, it's no wonder that avocado is well-known for hormonal balance. Avocado also has many beauty benefits, so why not keep your body healthy and look beautiful at the same time?


This grain has gotten a lot of attention these past few years and quite rightfully so as it is not only a good and healthier alternative to rice but also because it’s packed with so much goodness. Magnesium, protein, and with the ability to keep your sugar levels stable, quinoa is one of the stars of our list of hormone balancing food. To top it off, it's easy to incorporate quinoa into your daily meals not only as a substitute for rice but also as an add-on for salads. 


Some of us are snackers and daily meals just don't cut it especially when the hunger pangs kick in. Almonds are a great snack food that fill you up and also keep your hormones in check. With its ability to help regulate blood sugar levels and having the right amount of vitamins, protein and zinc, you should definitely have these handy. You can also opt for organic almond butter as they are a great healthy substitute for peanut butter or just have a handful of almonds to munch on. Make sure to have at least 20-25 almonds daily for full effect.

Egg Yolks

Yes, we know most times we avoid the yolk because it’s known for being high in cholesterol but the yolk actually has its set of benefits too, and balancing your hormones is one of them. Do however take note that you shouldn't overdo it, and an egg a day is just nice.


Known for being brain food due to it being packed with healthy fatty acids, salmon is considered a fish that has many benefits. With its omega-3 fatty acids being a main aspect for both cholesterol and hormone balance, its no wonder salmon is highly sought after and has earned its place as being one of the healthiest fish to have. Salmon is also great for helping skin issues such as eczema and acne.


Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables out there and is packed with antioxidants. Not only does eating it add more nutrients and vitamins including zinc and calcium to your system, it also helps keep your hormones balanced. Alternatively you can have cauliflower as well, as it works almost as well as broccoli. Add broccoli to your diet as the long-term benefits will really make a difference to your overall health.

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