5 Reasons To Say ‘Yes’ To Pink Sea Salt

5 Reasons To Say ‘Yes’ To Pink Sea Salt


15 August 2016


Salt is something regularly consumed by people with whatever meal they have and truth be told, our body does need a sufficient amount of salt, just not too much. These little grains used in food, help control your fluid balance as well as how your nerves work. It goes hand in hand with the muscles and plays a key role in how your system works.

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Not all salt are created equal however, and changing your regular table salt to pink sea salt instead could be extremely beneficial to your health in the long run.

Himalayan pink sea salt has been around since ancient times and is often considered the best or purest form of salt that can be found due to its history and how it was crystalised to begin with. Initially this salt was used to preserve fishes and meat to be transported. Commercial, regular salt is often stripped of all its natural minerals through processing and chemical cleaning. Though it may seem slightly strange to have salt in pink, the many shades and tones vary from the mineral and iron content. Not just visually pleasing with its pretty colours, the pink sea salt holds many amazing benefits for health and beauty.

Mineral Content

Being the most 'pure' (clean and natural) form of salt, it's only logical that it has all the properties that most other salts can't provide you. It gives your body 84 trace minerals that will keep you feeling energised and healthy. Do keep in mind that too much consumed can also lead to problems in the long run. Moderation is key.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Himalayan sea salt gets absorbed into your bloodstream faster and more effectively than regular salt. With one of its component being potassium, this helps keep your blood pressure under control. 

Balances Acidity

Sometimes your body balance can go haywire, and this salt helps keep it balanced as it can help control both the acid and alkaline levels in your body.


The food we consume may incur a need for a detox once in awhile and salt plays a big role in this. Drinking a salt mixture triggers the body’s own natural detoxification and waste elimination processes which helps to clean your system. Water is the most important component when it comes to this, and salt plays a supporting part in the process. This is why most people use pink sea salt instead of regular salt, as the benefits that come with it are much more efficient.

Energy Boost

The trace minerals from the salt help replenish your system and in turn, give you a much needed boost of energy when you're feeling lethargic and fatigued. As it relaxes your muscles, and improves your mental and physical being, this also helps you relax and sleep better. As you get some shut eye, it will work in your system to restore your energy levels and have you ready for the day ahead.

There are many ways to use pink sea salt for your benefit. You can drink it with a glass of water (make sure you down it with more water to keep your body hydrated), use it as a scrub or bath as it's good for your skin and gives you a healthy glow, and there's also the alternative of purchasing it as a lamp. Yes, you read right, a pink sea salt lamp that has calming benefits and also helps purify the air surrounding it. Whichever way you decide to use the Himalayan pink sea salt, make it a point to ensure it works for you and if any complications persist, do consult a health care professional.