Manjakani Who? Discover this Incredible Ancient Herb for Hormone Imbalance and Women Wellness.
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Manjakani Who? Discover this Incredible Ancient Herb for Hormone Imbalance and Women Wellness.


8 December 2022


Do you experience any of these symptoms? Irregular or abnormally heavy periods, painful cramps, or fertility issues? If your answer is ‘yes’ to all or any of those mentioned, then keep reading! Your body may be crying out for help…

Women have a lot to handle when it comes to keeping our bodies ‘clean’ and healthy. From our monthly periods to our internal health, trying to keep our bodies in tip top shape can be daunting. We’re constantly inundated with new information that crops up with great frequency telling us what to do, what to take and the new products that come with it. With the variety of supplements available in the market today, one could be taking up to five or more to support the health of one particular area of concern. But instead of confusing yourself with the ‘new and improved’, why not stick with the ‘tried and tested’? Especially when it comes to the most common issue women face - hormone imbalance – and yes that may be the root cause of these painful symptoms affecting your body!

Manjakani may not be a name that’s familiar to many, but it has been traditionally used in Malaysia and  Asia for centuries for its many health benefits particularly for women’s internal health. Also known by its scientific name Quercus Infectoria, the extract from this species of oak has been proven over time to aid in the health of women, hormone balancing and the female reproductive system.

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What are the scientifically-proven benefits of Manjakani?

1. Hormone Balance 

Hormonal balance is an important factor in the overall health of women.  Hormones are the most potent chemical messengers in our bodies; they control your metabolism, appetite, mood, sleep, stress, sex drive, fertility and so much more. That’s why when your hormones are out of balance, you may be able to feel the effects, including mood swings, irregular periods, hair loss, and hot flashes! Manjakani is known to rebalance hormone levels and improve overall blood flow, helping to reduce these symptoms. Manjakani is also known to help reduce the risk of period cramps and PMS for those who may experience it on a monthly basis, as well as helping to ease the symptoms of menopause.

2. Clean Discharge 

Leucorrhoea is the thick, coloured discharge that may occur when one has an infection or hormonal imbalance, and it can cause great discomfort. Manjakani helps to maintain the balance and the health of the reproductive organs to ensure normal discharge.

3. Post-Partum Recovery

Manjakani helps to heal the female reproductive organs after childbirth. It is also good for the general health of the reproductive organs, and has been used by traditional healers to promote fertility. Not only that, it also helps to strengthen and tighten the pelvic floor muscles and the elasticity of the vagina.

4. Blood Flow 

A healthy blood flow is vital to our health, and Manjakani promotes just that. It also assists in the shedding of ‘old’ blood during menopause and after childbirth; in essence, purifying the blood supply.

5. Skin

If your skin is a concern, Manjakani also works amazingly in maintaining and restoring skin health due to its anti-aging properties. With continuous consumption, you will be able to notice improvement in your skin condition as it will help with acne, as well as restore radiance back into dull and tired complexions.

Apart from the benefits above, Manjakani is also a great supplement for your general well-being and internal wellness. After all, it all starts from the inside.


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