Top 25 Tried-and-Tested Healthy and Delicious Meal Deliveries In KL
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Top 25 Tried-and-Tested Healthy and Delicious Meal Deliveries In KL


3 September 2016


It all started when a few of our colleagues were receiving their lunches delivered to their desks. We all know that eating healthy can be quite a challenge amidst the food haven around us and the time constraints we face daily. Intrigued to find out what options urbanites in the Klang Valley had, we went on a hunt for nutritious and flavoursome meal deliveries in KL and were pleasantly surprised by the variety of meal deliveries available! After weeks of experimentation, PurelyB presents to you the most comprehensive list yet featuring our top 25 healthy and yummy meal deliveries in Klang Valley - be sure to check out the exclusive promo codes available throughout this month of September 2016! You’re most welcome.

Whether you’re in KL or PJ, craving for Asian or Western cuisines, looking for gluten-free, vegan or halal meals, on confinement or breastfeeding, organising an office party or event, you’d want to order these for yourself, your colleagues, your kids or as a thoughtful gift to someone you know is working late or rushing for deadlines! Check them out and get nutritious, appetising meals as affordable as RM9.90 delivered to you! To avoid disappointment, do place your orders at least a day in advance.

Our heartfelt thanks once again to all our meal delivery partners for their complimentary meals. For your easy reference, we've arranged them alphabetically - let’s get rolling with the list!

1. Ashley’s

Ashleys.jpgCredit: Ashley's

Following the roaring success of their first raw food café, Living Foods in Menara T & T in the city center, mother-daughter duo, Emily and Ashley Yiin opened Ashley’s in Bangsar back in 2014, an ode to the young, talented chef as she spread her wings to cater to more urbanites on this side of town – definitely a right move, much to the elation of healthy foodies! Together with health consultant patriarch, Patrick and his daughter, Phoebe, the Yiin clan run this family-powered engine seamlessly.

Raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian and meaty meal options are thoughtfully indicated on the menu as is their speciality, The Living Food edition. Ashley’s culinary creations are in a class of her own; converging healthy and delicious gastronomic inventions. Meticulously homemade in-house and prepared with mindfully sourced ingredients, the masterpieces crafted by her and her team are an exquisite treat to the senses with bold colours, textures, flavours, presentation and a fusion of cuisines, hitting all the right notes. Definitely a salubrious nourishment to both the body and spirit!

The Living Food edition is a specialty section like no other eatery we know. Unique to their two cafes, they have successfully integrated and actualised the adage “Let food be thy medicine.” Together with their affiliate LivingWell Centre for Advanced Medicine, this section seeks to create positive outcomes for anyone seeking to feel, heal and live better. They lovingly cater to raw vegan, raw food lovers and those who require a healing diet. Prepared below 42°C and densely packed with nutrients, this is especially suited for cancer survivors.

What We Had: We were privileged to sample their Baked 3 Cheese – melted Provolone, Grana padano and brie melded together in the centre of a red yeast bun generously topped with balsamic reduction and jewelled with cranberries and crushed almonds. The two selections from their Living Food’s Weekly Special was light, refreshing and brimming with a perfect symphony of fresh raw vegan ingredients – Wrap & Roll, a thin mango crepe with shredded cucumber and carrots, pineapple, flavourly sautéed mushroom, ginger sesame, jicama rice wrapped in rice paper and served with their special Jeju sauce, and the Mango Wrap, a leathery wrap filled with crunchy strings of cucumber and carrot and juicy, chunky bits of pineapple. For dessert, we sunk our teeth into their Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake, a vegan, gluten-free indulgent chocolate cake with creamy dark chocolate ganache - absolutely heavenly! Their Morning Spark juice was packed with leafy greens, superfood chia, pineapple and passion fruit – definitely awakened our tastebuds and turbocharged us!

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch & Dinner (Monday to Sunday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code purelyashleys when ordering via phone (contact number provided below) to enjoy 10% off your total bill.

Offer valid from 1st September till 30th September 2016.
Not in conjunction with any other offers.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: +6017 325 3663


2. Chai Bar

Chai Bar.jpgCredit: Chai Bar

Mention Chai Bar and revolutionary vibrant salads come to mind. With a growing list of super fresh ingredients (76 and counting), this fast casual salad bar; brainchild of childhood buddies, Dennis Lee and Edward Wong, serves made-to-order salads with intrinsically unique Asian twists. Averaging around 200 to 550 kcals per salad, Chai Bar is serious about nutrition and real food. Customers can get the low-down on nutritional information and macronutrient breakdown for all their menu items from their website or the MyFitnessPal app.

With intriguing and cheeky names like California Girls and Smokin’ Chick to composed combinations like the Mediterranean Chickpea, Chicken Rice and Crack Tofu, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Enjoy their signature salads, seasonal salads, make-your-own salads or lunch at any occasion – be it meetings, parties, launches, events, fitness challenges or as you and your BFFs embark on a eat clean journey. A great way for families and colleagues to #eatright together! These salads won’t just sit pretty, we promise, they taste as good as they look and your guests will be introduced to awesome salads - all that notion that salads are just a bowl of leaves will vanish within minutes!

What We Had: We were feeling adventurous and decided to put together our own salad. With over 60 ingredients and more than 15 dressings, we were spoilt for choice! We decided on a Regular Chai with baby spinach as the base, 5 supplements consisting of broccoli, roasted baby potatoes, quinoa, tofu and enoki mushrooms, Manuka Honey Soy Chicken as our protein topped with toasted coconut and roasted garlic dressing. We’re proud to report that it was a fantastic combination – the supreme blend of freshness and flavour left us wanting more! And their Avococo smoothie was a divinely refreshing accompaniment!

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch & Dinner (Monday to Sunday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code 10FREED and enjoy FREE delivery within Klang Valley with a minimum purchase of 10 boxes of salads. Order now!

This is an on-going promotion.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: +603 2201 0756 (Bangsar) or +603 7832 0524 (Oasis Damansara)


3. ChimiChurri

ChimiChurri.jpgCredit: ChimiChurri/PurelyB

Just about 9 months old, this uniquely named eatery after the refreshingly tasty sauce has gained a growing customer base beyond Jaya One where their store is housed at. Churning warm, hearty rice bowls, salads, wraps and sandwiches daily, these customisable and wallet-friendly meals with fun choices of ingredients and sauces to mix and match with is sure to create a fun dining experience. The adventurous ChimiChurri team recently experimented with a vegetarian rendang sauce for the recent Hari Raya festivities and it has since become a permanent menu item!

What We Had: We couldn’t be more delighted with the behemoth 10-inch Vegetarian Tortilla that came with a hugely generous, colourful bed of veggies. Recommended servings of veg daily? Checked. It left us feeling so clean, light and fresh on the inside, definitely an afternoon slump-proof choice! The Brown Rice Bowl was assembled with freshly grilled chicken breast, salsa, diced veggies, sweet potato mash and tomato chutney sauce! #yummyinmytummy

If you’re in the area, do drop by Level 1, The School in Jaya One, PJ and try their healthy sides and snacks too. We saw sweet potato chips, bruschetta and toasted tortilla on the menu and can’t wait to try them!

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Monday to Sunday)

Limited Time Offer: Enjoy a RM5 voucher with a minimum purchase of RM20 in a single receipt.

Offer valid on Sundays only throughout September 2016.
Applicable to walk-in customers only.

Facebook | Phone: +603 7666 8088


4. Chopstick Diner

Chopstick Diner.jpgCredit: Chopstick Diner/PurelyB

Food technologist, food stylist and supermom Elaine Ho provides simple and scrumptious meals you can prepare at home. With a delectable mix of Asian and Western fare, Chopstick Diner’s meals arrive tied in their signature blue ribbons with a personalised note from Elaine, how lovely is that? The consistent theme running through her easy-to-enjoy salad-based lunch boxes are that they are appetising, brimming with fresh herbivorous ingredients, and the moderate portions will leave you feeling light yet satisfyingly satiated. Her Wholesome Boxes are well-portioned meals that are perfect for a grab-and-go lunch. To keep things fresh, each box is different every day and priced at an affordable RM9.90. There are also nutrient-rich juices and salad toppings on sale.

What We Had: The Roasted Eggplant and Pumpkin Salad with Tahini Dressing was a breath of fresh air. Not only was it aesthetically inviting - those pomegranate jewels added edible glam. It was a beautiful gastronomical symphony when the roasted flesh of the eggplants and pumpkins met the crunchy lettuce, with the Tahini dressing elegantly entering the scene. Absolute vegan delish!

The Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad may look like a regular Caesar salad but you’ll be in for a surprise when you taste the slivers of salmon amidst the crispy lettuce, croutons, beef bacon bits and of course, Parmesan shavings and the half-boiled eggs – lovely medley of flavours going on there. We also got to sample the Teriyaki Chicken and Garlic Fried Rice Wholesome Box. Blanketed with an omelette, it was just as it should have been - wholesome, healthy and delicious goodness packed in a petite box.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch (Monday to Friday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code purelyb_chopstickdiner and enjoy FREE delivery when you order online. Order now!

Offer valid from 1st September till 30th September 2016.
Applicable to their usual delivery areas only.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email | Phone (Whatsapp): +6013 630 3886


5. Clean Bites

Clean Bites.jpgCredit: Clean Bites

Established on the belief that people are generally adaptive given time to make dietary transitions, Clean Bites designed their food with 3 levels in mind – Level 1 consists of common healthier foods we are accustomed to and Level 3 are the healthiest food choices. With a mantra of eating well one step at a time and sourcing local, sustainable ingredients, they have crafted healthy, scrumptious lunches with names enough to whet your appetite.

Why not try their Asam Pedas Fish with Lady’s Finger and Fresh Tomato, Bunga Telang Chicken Rice with Halia Cili Tumis and Sambal Belacan or Seaweed Eggroll Sushi Salad with Passion Mango Sauce? With the calorie count, ingredients and potential allergens listed on their clean and sleek packaging and nutritiously flavoursome meals, we’re impressed with this new kid on the block. They also sell subscription packages for Beginners, those aiming for Weight Loss and a Fully Customised Menu along with home-made sauces. Order now!

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch (Monday to Friday)

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email | Phone: +6019 236 4890 (Annie); +6012 523 3776 (TC)


6. Cooked

Cooked.jpgCredit: Cooked/PurelyB

Launched in March 2016 by Joon Chan and Nikolay Khokhloy, these former Rocket Internet colleagues established Cooked, an online platform that delivers 5-star chef curated lunches to their customers that are on time, always. Their daily rotating menu with about four to five selections per day is catered towards those craving for authentic Asian and fusion comfort food. We’re talking mouth-watering Grilled Ayam Percik with Nasi Kunyit, Indian Style Fish Fillet Curry with Biryani Rice, Kung Po Chicken with Garlic Rice and the list goes on. With varied cuisine segments, from Indian, Thai to Korean and Chinese, every dish is researched and put through a rigorous battery of tests until it has a “wow” factor and the meals arrive hot, the results speak for themselves.

They believe in offering their customers great value, selection and service, using technology to deliver better service. They are forging ahead in the local meal delivery scene with technology-powered delivery service. We were pleasantly surprised to be notified via SMS that our meals were on their way and even allowed us to track the rider’s estimated time of arrival (think of it as waiting for your Uber driver’s arrival, meal delivery-wise). Not only that, they are raising the bar by successfully completing their lunch orders within the same day (last order is at 10.45am), offering their customers a larger room of flexibility.

What We Had: Our clear favourite was their Thai Green Chicken Curry with Local Vegetables and Fragrant Thai Rice; an explosion of flavours, aroma and the gravy was divinely satisfying – highly recommended. The bean rice in the indulgent Grilled Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce with Buttered Vegetables and Bean Rice was interesting, speckled with cashews that lent a nutty crunch and kidney beans that complemented every mouthful with its hard yet soft, earthy texture.

The Korean Style BBQ Chicken with Stir Fry Asian Vegetables and Short Grain Rice delivered though we did find the sauce a tad sweeter than some folk might prefer. All in all, while cooked in different styles, the chicken in all three dishes were tender, juicy and well-seasoned, allowing their unique flavours to shine through. As of now, the meal boxes are as-is, meal customisation may be possible in the near future. 

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch (Monday to Friday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code PURELYBCOOKED and get one FREE lunch box worth RM18, with a minimum purchase of ONE other item in a single order. Order now!

Offer valid from 1st September till 31st October 2016.
Valid for new accounts only.

Website | Facebook


7. Dah Makan

Dah Makan.jpgCredit: Dah Makan

What happens when a passionate foodie and techies come together? In this case, a healthy gourmet lunch and dinner delivery available in Klang Valley was actualised. Thanks to Jess, Jon, Chris and their team, eating well everyday has become a possibility. Busy working professionals, gym junkies, Mommies, Daddies or their kids with hectic schedules and IGers included won’t have to resort to skipping meals anymore as you can pre-order meals up to two weeks in advance. Executive 5-star Chef Shamsul selects the freshest ingredients daily and lovingly crafts MSG-free meals - giving you two dishes to select from every day. You can then opt to have them delivered direct to your office or home.

What We Had: We loved how the menu of the day meals came in well-thought-of and eco-friendly packaging, what a creative way to set the tone before we digged in! The clever swap of barley as a low-carb option in the moreish Grilled Perch Fillet with Apricot and Herb Barley with Market Vegetables left us delightfully satiated. The Thai Basil Minced Chicken Larb with Lettuce Cups and Brown Rice was pleasing to the palate and invigorating especially on a cold, rainy evening.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch & Dinner (Monday to Friday)

Limited Time Offer: First time customers get a one-time 15% off when you order online or via their app (no minimum purchase required) with the promo code purelybmakan. Order your next lunch and/or dinner now!

Offer valid from 1st September till 30th September 2016.
Applicable to Dah Makan’s regular delivery area only.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email | Phone: +6012 526 0774


8. Dr Diner

Dr Diner.jpgCredit: Dr Diner

With guidance from a nutritionist, Dr Diner provides 6 categories of meals/plates one can choose from – Athlete Plate, Vegan Plate, Pescatarian Plate, Organic Plate and My Portion Plate.

Among the dishes served are the Asian Zoodle Stir Fry for those wishing to choose a Paleo meal and Spinach Noodles with Beef Tataki Trio Sesame Vinaigrette and Grilled Zucchini Roll Ups if you’d like a completely organic lunch. Vegans can try out their Cauliflower Couscous with leeks and sundried tomato. Pescatarians can lunch on their Tuna Asparagus and White Bean Salad Vinaigrette. Athletes can fuel up with their Sriracha Orange Chicken with Apple Walnut Salad. For a well-balanced, gluten- and dairy-free meal, check out their Thai Basil Beef and Lemongrass Rice with Mixed Fruits. Order now!

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch (Monday to Friday)

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email | Phone (Whatsapp): +6010 367 5510


9. EatClean KL

EatClean KL.jpgCredit: EatClean KL

Khairena is a Mummy who wears many hats. A yoga instructor-certified weight management consultant-natural foods and health chef, she founded EatCleanKL by Khairena in 2012, offering pre-order confinement meals sets to fellow mothers. She thoughtfully prepares nutritious, balanced, satiating, and halal postpartum meals using only the best ingredients – fresh produce, organic products, olive oil and Himalayan salt so Mummies can eat clean and have one thing less to worry about. Khairena’s confinement menu offerings are far from boring, with pasta, pies, salads and wraps available, Mums can look forward to enjoy their home-cooked meals! Mums can opt for 5 days, 15 days, 30 days and 35 days subscription lunch and/or dinner packages that are available.

What We Had: We tried Khairena’s 3 White Fish Pie with baby peas topped with organic white sweet potato and russet potato mash. It was a warm and comforting meal that we’re sure Mums would gladly tuck into.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch and Dinner (Monday to Friday)

Limited Time Offer: For deliveries to these areas: Bangsar, Damansara Heights, Publika, Bangsar Baru, Hartamas, Mont Kiara, use the promo code PURELYBECKL to get a discount and FREE delivery when you subscribe to any of the meal packages below. Order now!

This is an on-going promotion.

TWO Meal Sets - Lunch and Dinner (includes 2 portions of grains/noodles/pasta, 2 proteins, 2 veg/salad, 2 drinks and dessert/side):
5 days Subscription @ RM400 for 1 week (Save RM50)
15 days Subscription @ RM1200 for 3 weeks (Save RM150)

OR ONE meal set- Lunch or Dinner (includes 1 portion of grains/noodles/pasta, 1 protein, 1 veg/salad, 1 drink and a dessert/side):
5 days Subscription @ RM200 for 1 week (Save RM50)
15 days Subscription @ RM675 for 3 weeks (Save RM75)

OR Ala Carte ONE Meal Weekly Package (includes 1 portion of grains/noodles/pasta, 1 protein, 1 veg/salad, 1 drink and a dessert/side once a week)
5 days Subscription @ RM100 for 1 week 
15 days Subscription @ RM280 for 3 weeks (Save RM20)

Facebook | Instagram | Email


10. Epic Fit Meals Co.

Epic Fit Meals Co..jpgCredit: Epic Fit Meals Co.

Their epic promise: get fresh, hot meals delivered to your doorstep in 45 minutes or less - otherwise a free pizza is yours! Inspired by the rich culinary culture in Melbourne, founders Wick Kee Lai and Wen Chuan Chung operate by the ‘made by day, gone by night’ policy where they only use fresh ingredients stocked daily. This way, their customers get to enjoy freshly prepared, wholesome and made-to-order meals. Customers can also keep their calorie intake in check as all menu items include their respective caloric value. Not only that, their unique meal customisation option allows you to configure your combo meals according to your preferences.

With names like 3A: Apple, Ayam (Chicken) & Api (Fire), their handcrafted, thin crusted Gourmet Flying Pizzas are a must-try and so are their Epic Fit meals, wraps, burgers, salads, juices and who can leave out, desserts? Open for dine-in, take-away or delivery for lunch till supper, Epic Fit Meals Co. definitely gives you a bang for your buck with satisfyingly healthier alternatives to mainstream, quick-service restaurants.

What We Had: We customised our Super Duper Epic deal and loved how their grilled chicken (nothing is deep fried here) and sides came in generous portions at an affordable price. The tender and moist Epic Grilled Chicken complemented the insanely delicious, house-made Bonza Peppa (aromatic and savoury black pepper sauce) and Apple Salsa (refreshingly Tex-Mex) sauces – they sure tickled our tastebuds!

Our selected standard sides comprised a hearty Brownie Oat Rice and a light and refreshing Farmer’s Coleslaw with a huge dollop of yoghurt. Their Epic sides had the irresistibly healthy Frugertii, a colourful, mixed fruits salad topped with yoghurt, and Greens with Garlic Confit, fresh and crisp stir-fried greens.

On-Demand Delivery Service:  11am to 11pm daily

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code PURELYB16 when you order and get a FREE side with any food purchase in a single order (no minimum purchase required). Order now!

Valid for dine-in, take-away and delivery.
Offer valid from 1st September till 30th September 2016.
Epic Fit Meals Co. reserves the right to change the offer without prior notice.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: +603 7733 3375


11. Food Matters

Food Matters.jpgCredit: Food Matters

With a mission to banish negativity surrounding healthy eating, Food Matters seeks to make eating healthy meals accessible, affordable and absolutely delicious. Helmed by nutritionist-chef, Alexandra Prabaharan, Food Matters offers a variety of Asian, Western and fusion dishes for lunch deliveries. With vegetarian, low carb, low fat and gluten-free meal options on their menu, the calorie count and macros for each dish is clearly stated for discerning customers.

What We Had: Arguably one of the best priced in town, each meal including delivery costs only RM10 when a subscriber signs up for the 20 meals monthly plan. We can attest to the wholesome and yummy meals that Food Matters delivers – from their Asian favourites like Ayam Percik to fusion dishes like their Salmon Cilantro Fishcakes with Quinoa Miso Salad which was pleasing to the senses in every way, you’d be glad you ordered a meal from them! Subscribe today.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch (Monday to Friday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code FMPurelyB to enjoy 10% off the first month of any of Food Matter’s meal packages. Order now!

Offer valid from 2nd September till 2nd October 2016.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email


12. GoClean

GoClean.jpgCredit: GoClean

Within the competitive meal deliveries space, what sets GoClean apart is that all their meals are created and prepared under the guidance of a nutritionist, a personal trainer and executive chef to create suitable portion-controlled macros across a broad spectrum of fitness goals. They live up to their name and offer clean meals at a fair price. The set meals on their regular menu typically comprises a protein along with a sizeable portion of vegetables and their home-made dressings. Innovative menu items include Spaghetti Pattaya and chicken sandwiches and local favourite with brown rice including Kapitan Chicken. In addition, they have daily specials featuring both Asian and Western style dishes. The team works hard to improvise the menu and switches up the menu on a monthly basis.

What We Had: We tried GoClean’s Grilled Chicken Set served with cherry tomatoes, grilled potato cubes, toasted barley, shredded red cabbage and salad leaves, orange, string beans and hard boiled eggs. This fresh, flavourful and filling value set starts at an affordable RM11.90 with the option of adding extra protein where customers can choose from eggs, grilled dory or salmon, or more chicken. The Chargrill Plus as its name suggests had grilled chicken seated on a bed of lettuce surrounded with corn, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, hard boiled egg, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, black beans and onions. You’d noticed that this box was filled with high-protein, with a healthy dose of good fats to keep you well-satiated. The home-made lemon orange sauce, red vinaigrette and sesame sauce paired really well with both these lunch sets. We’re happy to say that chowing on GoClean’s meals energised for the next half of the day and even those of us who headed for a workout after.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch & Dinner (Monday to Friday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code PurelyB9 to enjoy 10% off your total bill when you order online. Order now!

Offer valid from 1st September till 30th September 2016.
Not applicable to orders via phone.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone (Whatsapp): +6016 754 3621


13. Good Grub

Good Grub.jpgCredit: Good Grub/PurelyB

Founded by Ida, Good Grub offers healthy, nutritious, delicious, halal, home-cooked confinement meals to benefit both Mummy and baby. Their menu is thoughtfully crafted and specifically designed with lots of organic produce, milk-boosting ingredients and body heating herbs and spices. All grub is cooked in organic coconut oil and ranges from Malay, Chinese and Western cuisine using mostly organic ingredients and seasoning including Himalayan pink salt or organic vegetable buillon. Good Grub lives up to its name and guarantee that their food contains no preservatives, no artificial flavouring, no sugar (they use Stevia, a natural sweetener), minimal salt and oil, using only natural, fresh, halal, mostly organic ingredients.

What We Had: Good Grub’s package consists of Lunch and Dinner sets (Monday to Friday) that required pre-ordering. Each meal comprises of organic grains/noodles/pasta, organic chicken/Australian beef or ocean fish, organic vegetables and beverage/dessert. We sampled their organic ramen, baked sweet potato fritters, blanched veggies and an oh-so-hearty homemade chicken soup (soto ayam kampung) for lunch. We had the organic 10 grain rice, ginger sesame seed beef and mixed veggies for dinner. We must say that the food was not only aesthetically appetising and pleasantly fragrant; they delivered freshness, flavor and were absolutely delicious. We tried their refreshing herbal drink made from fresh turmeric, ginger and lemongrass. Dessert was a nourishingly sweet, Chinese dessert soup filled with organic barley, fenugreek, longans and red dates.

For new or nursing Mummies, Good Grub’s signature Milk Booster Cookies (MBC) are optional add-ons that require a minimum purchase of 2 jars and are available in 4 delicious flavours - Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and Oatmeal Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. Our Nutrition and Fitness Expert, Marissa Parry can vouch that having 4 to 5 pieces of cookies followed by a glass of water for the first 3 days and then 2 to 3 pieces after that for maintenance in addition to her main meals helped boost her milk supply when breastfeeding her babies.

Meal Delivery Schedule:  Lunch & Dinner (Monday to Friday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code purelybgoodgrubMBC, buy 3 jars of Milk Booster Cookies and get 1 FREE jar. Order now!

Offer valid from 1st September till 30th September 2016.
Nationwide delivery.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email


14. Goodness Greens

Goodness Greens.jpgCredit: Goodness Greens/PurelyB

Standing out from the few coffee joints that have sprouted in the TTDI neighbourhood, Goodness Greens Café introduced by La Juiceria founder, Anabelle Co-Martinent, is a welcomed haven serving healthy, wholesome goodness. With a pretty extensive vegan-friendly menu of salad bowls, smoothie bowls, wraps, soups, cold-pressed juices and raw desserts, it has become a go-to place in the vicinity whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. An ideal spot for those who want to chill, eat clean whether with family or friends, those simply in need of hitting the dietary reset button or those looking for a sneak peek into how eating healthy is possible amidst the daily grind.

What We Had: We were thrilled that we could customise our own gourmet salad! Firstly, we selected the size of our salad bowl from Petite, Medium or Grand. Then, we selected our Base, Mains, Supplementary, Prime and dressing to complete our bowl. The choices seemed endless, imagining the countless permutations. After scrolling through each of the options, we opted to build a Medium Salad that we could share. We began with mix salad leaves as our base, chickpeas, edamame, roasted cauliflower with turmeric and sweet potatoes as our mains, grilled asparagus as a supplementary, grilled shrimp for protein and topped it off with maple balsamic vinaigrette.

Our verdict - our masterpiece was filled with a fabulous blend of fresh ingredients, packed with flavourful goodness and incredibly satisfying! Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful of our salad. Better still, you can carry your salad bowl with you wherever you go and still look healthily trendy with it. Who says healthy food can’t be superbly delicious and bump one up the trend-o-meter?

We’ve heard raves around town that their Nasi Lemak Wrap (with a healthy spin, of course) and their Buddha Bowl are must-trys! We’re already eyeing them for our next order and you shouldn't miss out too!

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch & Dinner (Monday to Sunday)

Limited Time Offer: Happy Hour Wednesday Promotion: Buy 3 juices and get 1 for FREE!

Valid from 9am till 2pm every Wednesdays.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email| Phone: +603 7732 0235 or +6018 368 3320


15. HALE

HALE.jpgCredit: HALE/PurelyB

LSE alumnus, Jason Ooi and Jack Chong founded HALE (coined from healthy and lean) in March 2016 as they were faced with limited options of healthy, wallet-friendly and short waiting time meals while working in the city center. Since the opening of their inaugural store in Menara Hap Seng, Kuala Lumpur in March 2016, they have been serving the breakfast and lunch crowds with healthy, affordable and fast meals; the three pillars of HALE. Branding themselves as healthy fast food, HALE specialises in organic, homemade, wholemeal burgers, organic coffee and cold-pressed juices. In just six months, they have expanded their menu offerings to include scrumptious pastas, mixed red rice dishes, salads, wraps, pizzas and sides creatively curated by their talented, 5-star chef.

What We Had: We had the opportunity to savour their best-sellers and must say that their portions are generous. First up, their Green Curry Chicken served with mixed Thai red rice was bursting with flavour! Made in-house from slow-cooked diced chicken breast, served with eggplants (a nice twist to the usual leafy greens) with fresh pineapple salsa on the side and spring onion garnish, this lunch box was exploding with aroma and taste. The Butter Yoghurt Chicken with mixed red rice was another hit with slow-cooked chicken doused in tomato-based sauce, fresh yoghurt and served with roasted eggplant, toasted cashews and fresh coriander.

The Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken was one of the best we’d tried. The pesto sauce was not too overpowering and the toasted pumpkin seeds, roasted cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, rocket leaves and parmesan cheese added a nice crunch in every bite. Their Honey Balsamic Salad with Grilled Chicken were a delectable garden of fresh and crisp leafy greens with Japanese cucumbers, roasted tomatoes, purple cabbage, roasted white button mushrooms with tender chicken slices paired well with their homemade honey balsamic dressing.

Our burger hankerings were satiated with HALE’s Australian Grass-Fed Beef Burger and their Grilled Chicken Burger. We sunk our teeth into their oven-baked, juicy, succulent patties - simply heavenly. Sandwiched between soft, fluffy, sesame seed-speckled homemade, organic, wholemeal burgers, greens, cheese, sliced tomatoes and their signature sauce, these burgers were oozing with flavoursome goodness!

To complete our meal, we had their refreshing, immune-boosting cold-pressed juices – Pure Orange (three Valencia oranges) and Four Greens (green apple, celery, cucumber and lemon). Their Apple Compote Yoghurt with Granola made a lovely anytime-of-the-day snack or dessert. Our resident coffee lovers had their Long Black and gave it their thumbs up as well!

HALE caters to customised, vegetarian meals upon request. Word on the street has it that corporate parties and events have been enjoying HALE’s spread since they came to town.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch (Monday to Saturday)

Limited Time Offer:  Use the promo code PURELYHALE to enjoy a 20% discount on your first online order. Order now!

Offer valid from 1st September till 15th September 2016.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email | Phone: +6012 658 8020


16. Healthy Ever After

Healthy Ever After.jpgCredit: Healthy Ever After

Socialite-entrepreneur-health enthusiast Dian Lee started Healthy Ever After (HEA) as a wholesome and detox eating delivery service; carving out a niche of her own in the meal deliveries sphere. HEA’s three main meals are built on non-processed, natural, fresh and nutrient-densed superfoods by celebrated Chef-Consultant and Spiritual Raw Food Instructor, Chie who is their Head of Kitchen and Wholesome Living.

What We Had: A pioneer of soup cleanse delivery in Malaysia, HEA advocates spring cleaning your body in a natural way – with a concentrated dose of healthy, yummy superfoods in 6 jars. For instance, their No. 2: Glow Booster is packed with vitamin A and an antioxidant powerhouse with celery, carrot, leek, thyme, bay leaf, cashew, lemon and ginger super-condensed into a sumptuous jar of soup. You’d be surprised how nutritiously satiating they are! Be sure to check out their eating plans, soup cleanse, kefirs and lip-smacking wholesome goodness!

Meal Delivery Schedule: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Monday to Friday)

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email | Phone (Whatsapp): +6019 600 8998


17. Kotak Lunch

Kotak Lunch.jpgCredit: Kotak Lunch

Formerly running a restaurant known for the best grilled cheese in town, founder, Wen Xin launched Kotak Lunch (translated as Lunch Box) with the passion to create wholesome and healthy meals for busy working professionals. Wen Xin personally selects quality ingredients each morning to whip up delish lunches delivered to your doorstep.

What We Had: We tried the Jerk Chicken with Steamed Brown Rice and Tomato Cucumber Salsa. The chicken was well-seasoned and shined with the right balance of spices and flavours. The salsa was super refreshing - we secretly wished for more! The juicy slices of oranges, apples and yummy blueberries were perfect fruity sides. Check out Kotak Lunch’s range of delightful, home-cooked lunches prepared by the founder herself.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch (Monday to Friday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code purelybkotaklunch to get a 10% discount when you order now via phone call or Whatsapp (contact number provided below).

Limited to first 30 orders only.
Applicable for orders within’s delivery areas only and subject to Kotak Lunch’s terms and conditions.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email | Phone: +6017 472 4284


18. LifeJuice Co

LifeJuice Co.jpgCredit: LifeJuice Co

Business meetings at juice bars sparked a conversation between Dax, Roen and Juhn and that was how LifeJuice began. Selecting only locally sourced and organic ingredients, these cold-pressed juices are made every day without any added sugar, water, preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings.

Their small but power-packed booster shots are perfect pre- or post-workouts or those recovering from sports injuries. These swigs are available in 4 variants: Coldplay for an immunity boost, The Morning After for liver cleansing, Ironman to fight inflammation and Vampire Diaries as a blood tonic. If you’re looking to go on a juice cleanse, why not try their Starter Cleanse that comes in 6 juice bottles – Green-Tox (weight watcher), Kiss From A Rose (anti-ageing), Nutty Professor (energy booster), Pasion (digestive aid), Sunkissed (stress reliever) and Salad In A Bottle (fat burner)? A brilliant choice for athletes and individuals with higher calorie needs.

Besides their nutritious potions, LifeJuice offers hearty and wholesome salads. With Honey Hanoi, Thai Vegetarian Salad and Pesto Chicken, these well-portioned salads are available for delivery in salad jars. Order now!

On-Demand Delivery Service: 11am to 7pm daily

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: +6016 909 7871


19. Raisin’ The Roof

Raisin' The Roof.jpgCredit: Raisin' The Roof

This lifestyle eatery in Plaza Damansara, Kuala Lumpur is no stranger to the local eat clean scene. Raisin’ The Roof upped the notch in making nutritious delicious, providing premium quality meals with exceptional flavour and guilt-free indulgence. A wide selection of lip-smacking, hearty goodness ranging from sandwiches, toasts, wraps, salads, desserts to nourishing juices, smoothies, teas and coffees are available. Catering to various dietary preferences, you’ll be delighted to know that their raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free or paleo options are helpfully marked on the menu.

What We Had: Their Pistachio Falafel Salad was a colourful, healthy Middle Eastern mesh. Brimming with texture and flavours, the freshly baked falafels were served with roasted beets, grated carrots, taboulleh and house-made hummus. The mint yoghurt and pomegranate molasses drizzled over the salad sure added a zing! If you’re craving for a wrap, we’d recommend their Mexican-inspired Sweet Potato and Black Bean Wrap. These together with fresh rocket salad, mixed leaves, tomatoes, guacamole, house-made chilli sauce were bundled up in a wholemeal tortilla – veggie meals sure can rock! On celebratory occasions or on days when you’re having sweet tooth cravings, try their delicious desserts crafted from real, unprocessed, natural ingredients and unrefined sweeteners.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch & Dinner (Monday to Thursday, Saturday & Sunday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code Raisin’PurelyB and enjoy FREE delivery and a FREE dessert (Flourless Brownie or Purple Pecan Pie, selection subject to availability) for orders above RM50. Order now via phone or via Facebook.

Offer valid from 1st September till 30th September 2016.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email | Phone: +603 2011 5313


20. Simply Green Salad

Simply Green Salad.jpgCredit: Simply Green Salad/PurelyB

With two outlets in town; Fraser Place and The Gardens, Simply Green Salad lives up to more than its name. Their philosophy is succinctly captured in these four words – “Eat Well, Live Well.” Their menu offerings are both hearty and healthy comprising fresh and customisable salads, artisan sandwich and gourmet wraps with options to customise, hot soups and juices. Their uniqueness lies in their selection of proteins (termed as primes in customisable salads lingo) – one can have their chicken in their preferred style – yakitori, lemongrass, poached, Cajun, basil pesto amongst others. If you’re not a chicken-lover, there’s beef, duck, seafood and tofu to choose from.

What We Had: The spread that arrived wow-ed us. Our customised Gourmet Wrap was a chunky Mexican-inspired one filled with a mixed lettuce base, mixed peppers, kidney beans, sweet corn as our mains with feta cheese as supplementary, roasted beef as our prime and a spicy dressing, all bundled in a spinach tortilla. Loved every bite of it! Still can’t get over the amazing options you can whip up as you fancy – go healthy-crazy!

Their Hearty Goodness Salad was abounding with warm couscous, mixed lettuce, roasted pumpkin, roasted baby potatoes, Shimeiji Mushroom, broccoli, corn, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, turkey ham (we would have preferred turkey slices here) and French dressing. The salad was a rainbow of colours and an interesting mix of flavours, textures from the carb, protein and fibre combo.

Their signature hot soups were divinely nourishing and definitely rave-worthy. The beta-carotene-rich pumpkin soup was creamy and velvety, it sure had a whole lot of real pumpkin in there!. The mushroom soup was as delightful and both soups paired perfectly with toasted garlic bread. We highly recommended both of these!

To wrap up lunch, we had their immune-boosting Orange, Pineapple and Mango juice and an antioxidant-rich Red Apple + Dragonfruit juice. Bold colours with tonnes of liquid nutrition all in a bottle.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch & Dinner (Monday to Sunday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code PURELYB10 and enjoy a 10% discount off your total bill when you order online (no minimum order required). Order now!

Applies to online orders for both delivery and pick up from The Gardens Mall and Fraser Place outlets.
Offer valid from 1st September till 30th September 2016.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: +6018 218 0100 (Fraser Place) and +6012 702 4872 (The Gardens)


21. The Lunch Club

The Lunch Club.jpgCredit: The Lunch Club/PurelyB

Realising the culinary talents across the Klang Valley, be it coffee aficionados, artisan pastry makers, traditional delicacies specialists to cold-press juice experts, The Lunch Club (TLC) seeks to build a community, connecting foodpreneurs (dubbed as Food Maestros) with urbanite foodies via its online platform to develop the independent food service industry.

While building a business via social media is an option for many, juggling between operating a kitchen, managing orders and logistics and trying to garner new sales can pose a challenge not everyone may be well-equipped for. The founders themselves, Rehna Perumal and Rengeeta Rendava know this as they’ve been there and done that. Catering to a minimum order for 6 persons, TLC’s recently revamped website allows Food Maestros to grow their business while customers may choose from a variety of serving formats ranging from canapé styles, to shared plates and individually packed meals. TLC gladly caters to bespoke orders including corporation training sessions, launches, birthday parties and even family dinners. With event stylists on board, TLC can also do table setups for small and large events. Now, that’s self-catering made easy!

What We Had: Our shared plates comprised Spicy Aglio Olio, Spaghetti Bolognese, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, Salmon Sandwich and a refreshing spicy-juicy Watermelon Onion Salad. A convenient office group lunch option between meetings, the pastas came in generous portions and were flavoursome. With velvety mushroom, the vibrant cherry tomatoes and a spicy kick, we loved the Aglio Olio! The homemade Bolognese was sheer comfort food; the medley of spices brought out the flavours of the well-seasoned beef. The crispy Caesar salad with grilled protein didn’t disappoint while the lean sandwich was a quick fill-me-up with its omega-3-rich salmon slices.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-Tea and Dinner (Monday to Sunday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code TLC25PB to get RM25 off in a single transaction. Order now!

Offer valid from 1st September till 30th September 2016.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email| Phone: +603 2742 1361


22. The Naked Lunchbox

The Naked Lunchbox.jpgCredit: The Naked Lunchbox

Founders, Cheryl Ho and Christina Tan intended the stark name for a good reason. Their five promises to their customers are that all their meals contain no added artificial preservatives and food additives, no added sugar and artificial sweeteners, no added MSG, no dairies and no gluten. What’s served is then real food from the freshest and cleanest ingredients they can source. They make all their dressings fresh daily from scratch using healthful ingredients down to the tee including olive oil and Himalayan salt. Eating clean is made simple without compromising on quality and taste. The menu changes every two weeks and customers can choose from the a la carte menu or a 5-day subscription plan. Both Asian and Western palates will find something they’ll enjoy here. Whether you’re going vegan, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free or paleo, these ladies have your back.

What We Had: Served in tubular-shaped biodegradable boxes with short, meaningful quotes, they sure know how to put a mid-day smile on your face. As for their star meals, we highly recommend the Mulan – with organic Bario mountain rice as the base, the stir-fried curried mushrooms together with potatoes and long beans were simply uh-mazing. We were intrigued by the mouth-watering gravy and found out that it was homemade from organic curry powder with fresh coconut milk. The lunchbox was wiped clean in no time.

The Avo-Ranche was a lush green bed of lettuce leaves, celery, green apples, tarragon, steamed potato slices drizzled with dried cranberries and walnuts and of course, shredded chicken slices, finished with a magically flavourful dressing. Again, we were itching to know what was in the dressing. Turns out its mojo lies in a secret ratio of avocado, sesame seeds, lemon juice, yellow onions, apple cider vinegar and fresh herbs. Our meal was made complete with a calming, cooling and refreshing Water-me-Love juice from raw and pressed watermelon and mint. Oo la la!

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch & Dinner (Monday to Friday)

Limited Time Offer:  Simply enter the code PURELYBTNL10 upon checkout and enjoy 10% off your total bill (including delivery) with any purchase (no minimum order required). Order now!

Offer valid from 1st September till 31st December 2016.
Delivery fees are chargeable according to delivery zones as stated here.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email


23. The Rebellious Chickpea

The Rebellious Chickpea.jpgCredit: The Rebellious Chickpea

Some may find their name startling but as co-founder, trained chef Allison Xavier explained, she’s supposed to be the chickpea who loves to pig out but at the same time likes being healthy and thus, the name aligns with the slightly rebellious and willful streak in her. Together with Edeareena Nor, these women have been serving up interestingly healthy meals since 2013.

They release their weekly menu the Sunday before, featuring one special daily so customers can plan and pre-order their meals. They observe Meatless Mondays and on every Wednesdays, serve up a surprise meal which their regular customers can always look forward to. They believe in great taste and at the same time present their customers with mindful meal options. The Rebellious Chickpea’s menus are often filled with fun, zany, varied meal options for different palettes as they experiment with a melting pot of flavours and ingredients. With twists to classic dishes and names like Poker Pizza, BBQ Kampung Chicken Chinese Style with Brown Rice and having served cold prawn and mangosteen, and even charcoal noodles with feta sambal in the past – one wouldn’t expect anything less than that, right?

What We Had: We tried their Dip Dip Salad with Ranch Dressing since it was a Meatless Monday – a container brimming with veggie sticks including carrots, celery, cucumbers, raisins and cherry tomatoes doused with home-made ranch dip made from sour cream, dill, chives and mustard. Simply, colourful and filled with healthy crunches - we easily met our required servings of veggies for the day, hands down. ‘Twas a good and convenient way to start the week eating really clean!

Their trail mix is a combination of sunflower seeds, goji berries, raisins and chocolate chips. It may be a tad too sweet for some but it’s sure a fun, pick-me-up snack that you can enjoy anytime of the day!

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch (Monday to Friday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code PurelyB and enjoy FREE delivery on all orders within the KL City Center (no minimum order required). Order now via Whatsapp (contact number provided below) or email [email protected]

This is an on-going promotion.

Facebook | Email | Phone (Whatsapp): +6017 745 2137


24. Woods Macrobiotics

Woods Macrobiotics.jpgCredit: Woods Macrobiotics

The term, Macrobiotics originates from Greek, macro (great) and bio (life or vitality), and thus, is succinctly defined as longevity. Meals are essentially vegan, organic, egg- and dairy-free meals prepared without chemical additives, preservatives, colouring, MSG, refined sugar or refined carbohydrates.

Established in 1993 by June Ka Lim as Malaysia’s first Woods Macrobiotics total health and healing centre, their multi-faceted business provides vegan, macrobiotic, organic foods to fresh produce, groceries, obento lunch deliveries (with a great choice of Oriental dishes), health cooking class and diet consultation. They currently have 5 outlets under their umbrella: Hanspeter Bio Backerei, the artisan vegan organic bakery; Woods Macrobiotic Cooking Academy of South East Asia, Woods Eco-cuisine, a Macrobiotics wholesale and retail green grocer; Woods Obento lunch delivery service and Unsui Zen Vegan Macrobiotic Private Kitchen (by appointment only). Those interested can check out their upcoming Macrobiotic workshops.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch (Monday to Saturday)

Website | Facebook |Email | Phone (Whatsapp): +6012 877 5138


25. Yumcious

Yumcious.jpgCredit: Yumcious/PurelyB

Yumcious is redefining the local food delivery scene. Designed as a community platform for home-chefs and meal providers to converge and share their love for food and culinary talents, they dish out sumptuous, halal, home-cooked lunch and dinners. The growing variety of cuisines available will sure whet one’s appetite.

What We Had: We recently had the privilege of enjoying masterpieces from Yumcious’ chefs. Sinde Lo’s Special Brown Rice with Patin Fish in Tamarind & Papaya Broth was a winner – aromatic, flavourful and nourishing in every way. Her Vegan Pumpkin Cashew Laksa with Brown Rice Meehoon & Organic Tofu would be a perfect low-carb option. The nuttiness combined well with the sour and spicy broth, crunchy carrots and bean sprouts – all the right moves here.

Mai Nguyen presented us with authentic Vietnamese cuisine – Bo Kho Viet Stewed Beef with Pho Noodles and Pho Bo Chin Ha Noi were comfort food - hearty, spicy and aromatic. The beef was tender and the broth was out of this world. Again, the blend of the spicy and sour flavours were tantalising to the tastebuds. Slurp. Taufik Razak’s Duck with Rigatoni was amazing to say the least. The meat was well-seasoned and cooked to perfection. Alfafa sprouts interwoven in the dish added a mild crunch each time we sunk our teeth into this rich dish.

Meal Delivery Schedule: Lunch & Dinner (Monday to Friday)

Limited Time Offer: Use the promo code PURELYB to get a whooping 25% off your total bill with a minimum order of RM15 within a single order. Order now!

Offer valid from 1st September till 15th September 2016.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email

There you have it - 25 healthy meal deliveries that prove healthy eating can be appetising, fun, varied and convenient - bon appetit!

Want to cook up your own healthy meals instead? Check out these recipe ideas that can be prepared in just 20 mins.

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