Yoga Techniques To Calm Your Nerves

Yoga Techniques To Calm Your Nerves


23 April 2016


Whenever I go for a big event or teach a packed class, I get nervous. Nerves are a completely natural result of being excited for the unexpected. Your heart starts to race, palms get sweaty, and you have a surge of energy.

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Actually, nerves are a good thing because it means that what’s going to happen really means something to you. If you learn to use your nerves and embrace the challenge, your fear can turn into your biggest strength. Here are some techniques to help calm your nerves.


1. Adequately prepare – Rehearse, prepare, think it through as much as you can in every way shape and form. This will help you avoid last minute panic.

2. Racing heart - Put your hand on your heart. Feel the pumping expectation and your heart working overdrive. Send your heart energy and comforting words telling it to relax and keep calm.

3. Breathe – Shallow breathing is a culprit of nerves. Focus on deepening your inhales and elongating your exhales. Count to four on the inhale and another four for the exhale. Equalize your breath and your heart rate will calm.

4. Stretch – Wiggle, shake, stretch, and if you feel energized then dance! Get your blood moving through your body by rotating your shoulders, moving your hips around, swinging your arms up and lift up on your toes to stretch and move with your breath.

5. Mantra – A mantra is a word or phrase repeated to focus the mind. My favorite mantra for anxiety or nerves is “Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile”, “ Let Go”, “This too shall pass”. You can come up with your own mantra or phrases that will best work to calm you down.

So there you have it! Yoga to calm your nerves. Try these techniques next time you feel nervous or anxious.

Liv Lo

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