Simmer Down

Simmer Down


19 February 2016


“It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.” – Donna Karan

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Sensitive and introverted people tend to have an amplified nervous system (myself included). We are like sponges and literally soak up people’s emotions and pain, negative world events not to mention we have our own inner conflicts on top of that. Therefore, with that extra awareness, comes that extra sensitivity and especially for us introverts we have mastered the art of bottling up our emotions and feelings rather than releasing. Sometimes we can feel overloaded and overwhelmed.

If left unattended, there is a point when all that stored unwanted energy will need to come out, which can be painful. However, there are ways to prevent getting to boiling point, and we can focus more on cultivating daily balance and harmony within.

Now, this is a process, so don’t expect this will happen overnight. In the beginning, it does take time and practice to create new habits in your daily routine. The key is to be consistent. But if I can do it, so can you and I promise you, you will see the changes, just takes a little faith and trust!

If you do happen to be thrown off centre, fear not. Working with our mental, physical and energetic bodies a few times a day will help us come back to our centre, keep us grounded and aware through any situations that may arise at any given moment.

So introvert or extrovert, if you sense breaking point or moments of losing control, just take that deep breath. Past is past, future hasn’t happened yet and the present moment is the only place we can truly exist with what really matters.

Here are 5 Ways to Simmer Down

1. Use healing touch

The nervous system calms down very quickly with touch. An ideal way to start should you have a headache, feel stressed or thinking too much is to go to the source of your thoughts, and gently place your hands on your head. You can leave your hands there for as long as you feel you need to. This will naturally re-centre any energy that may have spun off in all directions. Feel free to place your healing hands on other areas of the body, such as the heart and the stomach where emotions tend to be held and just simply take some deep calming breaths.

2. Choosing where to put your attention

Consciously put your attention and focus on that which is positive, not the negativity around you like the TV, news, media, people, complaining that bring you down. You have a choice, to stay in it or to detach and make a conscious decision not to be involved in negativity. Step away and replace it with something that makes you feel better. You will find after a while you naturally begin to do this.

3. Bring yourself into the moment

Check-in with yourself throughout the day with self-enquiry. Ask yourself: How am I feeling right now, how are my emotions, how is my mind, where is my energy right now, what’s going on? By doing so you are in regular dialogue with your whole body system. Experiencing the feeling of now. Learn to love checking in with yourself and pay attention to yourself.

4. Meditate

There are so many ways to meditate. Research says if you can focus on one thing for a minimum of three seconds, you are meditating! Try something as simple as a walking meditation and make a conscious effort to notice things around you, moment-to-moment. You may consider directing your attention to nature; send it love and nature will love you back, unconditionally. Focus on your feet as you walk, and how your body feels as you breathe. A creative action such as painting is also meditation, as it brings you into the moment and you lose all sense of time. Find what works for you.

5. Compassion

Sometimes, taking the attention off ourselves can give us some respite. Approach people from a place of compassion, love and understanding. Do something charitable; offer help to those in need. Volunteer. How can you help to make people’s lives better? What random act of kindness can you do for someone today? This causes a good feeling that is contagious and will positively affect those around you. It doesn’t have to cost anything. The more supportive you are, the better you feel and the more positive, calm and present people will be attracted to you. It’s a win-win situation!