B Healthy Show Episode 6 – Perfect Partnerships
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B Healthy Show Episode 6 – Perfect Partnerships


24 September 2016


Being one half of a couple means sharing your lives with each other. You’re there for each other through the good times and the bad, and you’re always looking for ways to keep your partner happy and healthy.

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In this episode of B Healthy, host Amelia Henderson joins TV host and fitness entrepreneur Liv Lo in the kitchen where Liv shares some healthy recipes that one (male or female!) can whip up for their partners, or cook together.

Working out makes for a fun and physically beneficial date and there are various activities that you can do together – going for a run, playing a sport, hitting the gym… or maybe you’d like to give partner acrobatics a try? Partner Acrobatics instructor Sasa Chien gives us the lowdown on what this activity is all about and demonstrates a few moves with the help of her friends. Hint: If you’ve ever fancied pulling off some cool gymnastic moves, you’ll want to give this a try!

B Healthy Show Episode 6

Wellbeing Coach and Trainer Tracey-Ann also spills the beans on what it takes to have a successful relationship, more specifically communicating with each other, and joining her are none other than PurelyB’s own CEO and CFO – Jesrina Arshad and Joey Azman (who are married to each other – in case you didn’t know!).

Don’t forget to catch this episode of B Healthy on Sunday (25th September 2016) at 7pm (GMT +8). For our viewers worldwide, watch the show on Astro Gempak and for those in Malaysia, tune in to Astro Bella (Channel 133) and Astro Mustika HD (Channel 134).